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  1. zdravsvoyte!

    welcome :)

  2. OK, "in halls". Thank you, SteaveAJones.
  3. As Plant wrote, he is a cocktail-clouded troubadour who attempts to speak in tongues. He is very well described himself, I think he is a real poet. And his poetry is a 1/5 part of Led Zeppelin chemistry that is so beautiful and unique.
  4. Well-well-well. I've translated about 90% of their songs. And most of them are full of meaning for me. May be you don't understand the song because there are metaphors and figures of speech in it? It's poetical forms. You can understand all the songs if you let them to go through your heart, really go through. Then your feelings will help you. Imagination is the child of feelings.
  5. Yeah, it's really fun! I've also tried to decode the word, but understand that it can mean everything. For example, "Z" may be Zeppelin. The real meaning of the word Zoso can be explained only by Jimmy.
  6. Tell me please, in "Carouselambra" there are words: "And all was joy and hands were raised toward the sun As love in _______ of plenty overrun". When I listen to this song I hear the words: "horns of plenty" but sources of lyrics in Internet writes "the halls of plenty". There are many mistakes in Internet, so I'd like to know, what is the right variant? I'm translating all Led Zeppelin songs from English into Russian, so it is very importing for me not to distort the phrase for people.
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