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  1. Any news on the release date of the official Zeppelin documentary that was supposed to be released in 2019? I remember listening to audio clips from Page and Plant in May of last year about it's progress and the director of the project. It was initially said to be released in 2019 as a 50th Anniversary celebration, and then in the months to follow all the buzz/news fell silent.
  2. Greetings - it has been a long time This was a hot Topic to generate excitement in May of last year and now nothing in terms of a release date, progress, etc. Anyone?
  3. Enjoy listening to Robert Plant talk about his travels and the stories behind these selected tracks. Always intetesting
  4. There are plenty of topics on this subject already, if you search the album. Personally, I think the album had some great moments. And Hot Dog, well-the solo in it is one of the most interesting of Page's career.
  5. Legendary New Orleans R&B musician Allen Toussaint, who penned such classics as "Working in a Coal Mine" and "Lady Marmalade," has passed away at age 77 after suffering a heart attack. New Orleans Musician Allen Toussaint Dies at Age 77ABCN.WS|BY ABC NEWS Thanks to the mighty Allen Toussaint for all the music and magic over the years. What a profound influence he had on modern music. One of the great original architects. LBOG is proud to have known and worked with him. And to have always had his songs on our set and records. Here is a shot from a "command performance" of us playing Allen his wonderful "Over You" with fellow disciple Robert Plant at a soundcheck in 2013, while Allen listened from the wings at the Mahalia Jackson Theater. His immaculate catalog of songs and record productions shall live forever.
  6. Hello again folks. It's been quite a long while for me since last posting, but I just discovered this video in full and HAD to share !!! I've been to more concerts than I can remember, but I have a good recollection of most. This one in particular holds fond memories.I can be heard shouting at 16:29. ("John Paul , you the MAN !") and JPJ gladly acknowledges. I was aware that this was a live webcast the night of the show but it hadn't appeared on youtube until 3 weeks ago. 15 years later.After the show my brother, some friends and I waited outside the HOB until 3 a.m. to meet JPJ, who I consider one of the greatest multi-talented musicians of the 20th century. It's always great when an idol or hero is everything you hope they are in person and such was the case with Mr. JPJ. He was fantastic and such a kind, humble man. The concert, the atmosphere, pics and autographs, etc. It was all completely surreal and a night I will never forget. I am beyond excited to find this Gem that is a piece of music history and precious memories for me.
  7. I'm surprised Jason Bonham didn't inherit it in some way, or try and bargain it back. he was/is a fan of motor cross so the interest in bikes is there-and it was his dad's
  8. Let em say what they will....I happen to like Ratt - A Lot. Music is subjective, just as Led Zeppelin might not appeal to some. I despised hair metal in the 80's but Ratt stood out to me as being better than the rest of those type of bands. Better than Motley Crue, Poison, Warrent, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake and the whole list. They had such a sound that I like to call Sleeze metal because most of the tunes were about sex, women, etc and they all had that killer sleezy riff that carried the song. For that genre there is none better. I saw them in New Orleans a few years back and it was a tight show. I enjoyed it. And DiMartini is a hell of a player. He wasn't just flash. There were melody and feel in his solos. He's also on the upcoming Jeff Beck tribute album, so the guy can play a little
  9. The bass in the original is very prominent in the mix and it's easy to hear what he's doing. There was no need for more. (that's why this was a "rough" mix) The vocals had a "slapback delay" on them, which is used in many Zep tunes. The rough mix has none. So it's a taste thing. I prefer the effect because it's blended in well. The main difference aside from the levels is the bow guitar in the beginning which is interesting to hear with no effect and an alternate guitar track
  10. This is an argument between music critics. musicians, music fans, etc. that will always be. Much like anything else, it boils down to Opinion, Style and Taste. Some like it fast, for which they resort to players of that nature. Some like SRV for his fast blues style. Some like technical players, etc etc. But to me, Page was in another leaque and world. He incorporated 1,000 guitar players in one. For his influences spread far and wide. More so than any player of his generation and beyond. He's not the fastest, or the cleanest or the most technical - but he embraces an approach and way of playing unlike any other.
  11. It's always a pleasure seeing him live, for what he is and has done, and continues to do - But Plant's set list hasn't changed much in several years.....
  12. My wife and I went and saw Rush on May 22nd here in NOLA. It was my 8th time seeing them and our 4th time together. It was the most ( and only) disappointing Rush show I've been too, in terms of sound quality. It was horrible. Some friends sitting in different sections shared the same experience. The Arena (newly named the "Smoothie King Arena) isn't set up for concerts. It's a fucking sports Arena, so there ya go. UNO Lakefront Arena, was and still is a fabulous place for concerts. Also, they seemed to me to be going through the motions. Not much chatter with the audience at all between songs, and the set list hasn't veered much in 7-8 years. If I never hear Tom Sawyer, Closer to the Heart or Working Man (live) ever again, I'd be fine with that. It was great to be there but it was sort of a let down. I think this will be my last time seeing them, even if they tour again at some point.
  13. Fuck Stones fanatics....Stones are overrated big tyme!
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