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  1. Wesley

    Zep in 77

    Oh my gosh....hundreds. Dating back to 1969. Progrock, Progjazz, psychedelic rock, standard jazz, funk, 'Seattle grunge' and on and on. Point being though, when a band, any band is off, there are many of others better, when they play well. Even bands like Zappa or Jeff Beck or whoever if they're off, others will exceed them on a good night. Zeppelin had their off nights, mostly in '77 and '75. When they were on, they were as good as anyone can be too. It goes both ways.
  2. One of the few who've shown no deterioration in his playing for over 40 years! His dexterity is still top notch with no signs of letting up. The elite guitarist.
  3. ^ Fripp proved that a long time before his collaboration with Andy Summers. Here's a diamond in the rough. Fripp, Michael Giles and Peter Giles who both later played with King Crimson. 1968 Eccentric as hell !
  4. post-Tom Scott and I think the compositions are better.
  5. Wesley

    Pet Peeves

    The poster was actually quoting Manderly's post about the Lolita thing. Since each thread were similar just reversed, it was appropriate to post a movie that was about an older woman and a younger man (Harold and Maude), and one about an older guy and a younger girl (Lolita). It was to show the hypocracy of one thread surviving and the other one not. No one ever said anything about liking Lolita as the poster alluded to. But it you'd like to know, I personally DO know people who like it..and they include girls and women. Under and over 25. Being a woman doesn't separate you from po
  6. Wesley

    Pet Peeves

    Has anyone pet-peeved about the "older woman/younger man" thread getting deleted? I figured it would be.
  7. That looks horrible! As much as I like certain meats, tongue-heart-liver-menudo-brains-pig's feet etc. are OUT !, and I really gross out at something like this.
  8. Wesley


    ^ I'd say he's probably talking about 3 positive ends of the magnet there.
  9. ^ Those get deleted because of controversy and damaged ego's. This thread will die from size eventually. It'll most likely get culled like other exceptionally large threads have been.
  10. Wesley

    Pet Peeves

    As for mergers, I can't stand it when the sign says 'MERGE NOW', so I do, but others keep on going then try to pull in front of people way up the line. When they try that on me, I keep my gap minimized in the crawling traffic and don't let them in. They can go back and merge like the rest of us! Back of the line, jerks!
  11. Manny's Bones Los Lobos Live from 1996, a limited release produced by guitarist Cesar Rojas called "One Time, One Night"
  12. I just heard this new REM cd yesterday and will be picking it up on it's release Tuesday. I think it's great! It's short which is a bummer, but the quality of the music makes up for it. It'll only be my 3rd REM cd.
  13. I even like the quick, cheap burgers at Krystal. Greastals or Skillet Scabs as we fondly call them.
  14. It'll come in time. Random threads and some picture threads had been deleted just because they got too big. This one is on it's way to it's demise. One day it just won't be here anymore. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  15. You're welcome. Life is life, death is death whether it be the flesh of a fruit or animal. If you don't like meat, don't eat it. But to argue about ending the life is silly. I heard that even plants reincarnate. Ohmmmmm.
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