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  1. One of the few who've shown no deterioration in his playing for over 40 years! His dexterity is still top notch with no signs of letting up. The elite guitarist.
  2. ^ Fripp proved that a long time before his collaboration with Andy Summers. Here's a diamond in the rough. Fripp, Michael Giles and Peter Giles who both later played with King Crimson. 1968 Eccentric as hell !
  3. post-Tom Scott and I think the compositions are better.
  4. Manny's Bones Los Lobos Live from 1996, a limited release produced by guitarist Cesar Rojas called "One Time, One Night"
  5. ^ I was meaning about asking if the link was OK. Since I wasn't able to link to the real question of your post, I asked you about your subject question. I've got to view my DVD and see about this.
  6. ^ Does that answer your question?
  7. I can't think of any composer/band from 1960 onward to put out the volume of material that Zappa did in his career. Not only volume but variety. And I'm not talking about the many bootlegs of similar material repeated, even though they were always different arrangements, but the sheer variety of studio music. The Rolling Stones have been around for even longer, but their variety doesn't even nearly match that of Zappa.
  8. Groon was originally paired with Cat Food on a 45rpm Here's a 45 from 1975-76 released at the time of the compilation, A Young Person's Guide. Ebay is a great place to browse for rare music you might not find elsewhere. Research it. http://cgi.ebay.com/KING-CRIMSON---21st-Ce...803250822a23765 I was never a 45rpm collector and here are a few more, from mostly the 80s era. http://search.ebay.com/king-crimson-45_W0Q...ksid=p1638.m120 Also this link lists some more 45's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Crimson#External_links
  9. Or this 8-track cover A first pressing showing the entire front page of the "newspaper", and that naughty girl! and one more.
  10. About 2 months before RED was released (Sept '74), Fripp stated that King Crimson had "ceased to exist" and was "completely over for ever and ever". A-Ha, not so. In seven years KC was renewed and the first song on the new album was Elephant Talk. Apparently Fripp had made ventures to Africa and learned a new language. Indeed, the new band was a complete transformation of style. DISCIPLINE After you've gotten Islands, Lark's Tongues and Starless and Bible Black....the above mentioned should start your next listening phase.
  11. Great signature zosodude13! You're a bonifide Crimhead now. In the Wake of Poseidon is compared so favorably to the 1st album, but I believe I like it even better. Greg Lake's voice on the title track that you picked as your favorite is just the best I've ever heard him sing. That and Epitaph off the first album.
  12. 2002's It only took him 10 years after Us to release this and now it's been 6 years since Up. I wonder when he'll get around to another full cd.
  13. The Dirtbombs are a rock n' roll band based in metro Detroit, Michigan, notable for blending diverse influences such as garage rock, punk rock and soul while featuring a dual bass guitar, dual drum and guitar lineup.
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