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  1. Yes I would. For THAT London show because no matter what they do AFTER that, the show in London will be specail. Sledzep
  2. After reading all of this I think we all know where we stand BUT When the next shows are announced (they will be) What will you say?? If they come to the US and only play NY and LA, is that a tour? Many will split hairs over this stuff and still claim they were right. My thoughts are... They started to jam before they were approached to do the tribute, WHY? for Robert to tease the rest of the band? Robert has always said he does no want a big tour... It has always been the TRAVEL that was tiring, not the shows. If they do 3-4 shows in NY over a week, then 3-4 in LA a week later the travel will be easy. The same "easy" schedule can be done in Europe. If you read the interviews of Robert before the "unledded" get together and subsequent tour you will read quotes that he was thinking of what he could do with the crowd if "Jimmy were here" If you saw any of the Page - Plant tours you will know that BOTH of them had a great time. I do not think they fooled themselves into thinking that "WE" thought we were NOT watching Led Zeppelin. So the "cant offend Bonzo" thing is out the window. Remember, this band was known for this type of hype in the past. All of the hype now means added to the above tells me there will be more shows coming. In the past, when they played one off gigs they squashed the "tour" rumors flat... Not this time, this time they are making sure there are conflicting threads/reports... Little leaks here and there. That is pure showmanship like decades before. My crystal ball tells me they will announce some shows in the US next fall at the latest. I would not be surprised if you see them pop up near Roberts short tour with Alison before then to keep the hype alive. Sledzep
  3. The link would not load for me. Sledzep
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