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  1. http://www.youtube.c...v=ZTmJhtuRRvA#! This is quite alike to immigrant song, even the famous beginning wail of plant is present in the form of a horn.. (later on in the song). Immigrant song was written while they were touring iceland-england (bath)-germany (june-july) and released as a single in november. The above song is by a german band, and was also released in 1970. Zep has often been in the crosshairs for "borrowing" ideas, but I think this time it's the other way around.. I can't find exactly when this german band released their debut, but I know that zep played Immigrant Song
  2. Page acquired one of these right before the 1972 US Tour, giving a whole other dimension to his sound. Besides being used alongside the theremin, Page also used it (albeit more subtle) for his guitar tone during solo's. Now how important was the echoplex during these solo's? There are times you can hear it very clearly that the echoplex is being used (like boogie chillun), but other times.. not so much. Sometimes it's used with a rather short delay (in the style of scotty moore), other times it's a bit longer. So, according to you, which solo's are definitely treated with the tape delay, a
  3. Hi everyone, We just put out a new EP (our first actually) and we're excited to find out what you guys think of it! Zep is a major influence, they were the reason we we picked up our instruments and started playing together in the first place. you can listen to it here: Hickory Falls on Bandcamp just trying to carry the torch!
  4. The London Hard Rock Cafe has a Bonham Ludwig kit, right above its sushi-counter. I don't know if it was really played by Bonham though, it looks rather small.
  5. I've been searching for a good mkII Tonebender (-clone) for quite some time now, but it's a little scary to build one from scratch... How hard is it to make the one from that byoc site? Do you need to know your way around electricity, or is it nothing more than soldering the components? I have little knowledge when it comes to electricity... But I am willing to give it a shot! Thx!!
  6. Wow, thanks for the clips! This is gonna be effin' amazing!!
  7. I can't seem to find these clips? :( I'm dying to see some footage!
  8. I've never seen this before, I've heard the bootleg, but I never thought there was actual footage of this concert! >>>> Texas Pop Festival '69 <<<< enjoy!
  9. Stairway was to Led Zeppelin as the Mona Lisa was to Da Vinci, or David was to Michelangelo it's a masterpiece.
  10. Well, it looks like you guys need some sort of example.. here's mine: - John Bonham: the heart (the beat behind the music and as a loving father and man), both feet but especially the right one, arms, ... - John Paul Jones: the brain (arranging, but also knowledge), the conscience (down to earth and responsable), ... - Robert Plant: the body (as a frontman), genitalia (ha!), the lungs (as a singer), the hair, ... - Jimmy Page: the soul (spiritual), the eyes (visionary), the hands (as a guitarplayer, but also as a craftsman and songwriter), ... C'mon!
  11. "The chemistry between the four of them created a fifth entity that was bigger than the sum of its parts".. ..is often said about the "magic" of Led Zeppelin. Now if you would personalise this "fifth entity", what parts would come from which member? I'll post my take on things later Go wild!
  12. well, to me, there's nothing like a good analog setup.. the computers nowadays make things a lot easier, but it kinda gets you disconnected from the real thing (imho). A lot of these digital interfaces come with preconfigured effects, so what I think you'll get over time, is a lot of people using the same preconfigured (high-rated, downloaded) effects, and everything will sound alike. I like to compare it to a painting.. You can make awesome stuff with photoshop, everything is a mouseclick away, and you can get some very nice results. But nothing beats an old oil painting, you can fee
  13. thanks for the tip! the reason i used the wah so much is because it gets that really haunting tone that you need for D&C (in my opinion). and when used during the solo's, it cuts better through the mix than without the wah (because of the treble and the little volume boost). But thx! any constructive criticism is more than welcome!
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