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  1. I think he referred to the previous post, the first pic with Robert...
  2. your eyes are so beautiful, so full of emotions, I love it!
  3. What I also want to add is that Jimmy called Ahmet a "coconspirator" in a recent interview (about the O2 show). It's funny that he uses that word, because many believed that the world of Rock n Roll was ruled by conspiracies and secret societies. Also Crowley's O.T.O was seen as a conspiracy. Why did Page use thát word to tell us more about Ahmet's contribution to Led Zeppelin. Also one thing more about Page's symbol being represented on stage. I thought he lost faith in his symbol, it wasn't there on the Atlantic show, it wasn't there on the Live Aid one, also not represented in the Page/Plant tour, not with the Black Crowes, ... . And then there it was, as the only symbol, as if it never was any different.
  4. wow Steve.. nice stuff I don't think it's wrong to say page was (and maybe still is) a fan of occult stuff. But saying he's satan's guitarist (as some would put it) just goes a bit too far. Maybe he did try to summon some mystical powers through his music, maybe he didn't. Who knows... ? Maybe it was just like Plant's references to Tolkien or something like that, just putting something that fascinated him into his music. (by the way, I opened a new topic about this under the O2 forum) and why did the 10th of December propose itself? it was a monday... (here in Belgium we never have concerts of that scale on mondays ^^)
  5. well, I may be seeing ghosts here but i found it a bit suspicious that Jimmy broke his finger (and after a week or so it healed miraculously) and that the O2 gig needed to be delayed to the 10th of December 2007. EXACTLY 100 years after Crowley was inducted as the headmaster of the O.T.O (Ordo Templi Orientis) on the 10th of December 1907. If you add this to the fact *that Jimmy's bow-moves are actually some kind of occult rite (expressing your energy to the 4 winds), also executed by Crowley "the beast" himself. *that his symbol (as the only one of the band) was represented on stage. *that his (in)famous guitar-bowing moment happened under a Pyramid of lasers (the pyramid is a very outspoken symbol to the hidden occult societies). Now I know, this topic has been discussed a lot in the past. But when I heard that Jimmy broke his finger, and that the show had to be delayed to that exact date, I really didn't know what to think. So i guess his "love" for the occult isn't really gone.
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