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  1. Led Zep Uncut? I'm pretty sure they were all circumsized when they were babies.
  2. It may have been funny at the time, but I'm sure Plant doesn't feel that way now, considering that after they finished recording that track outdoors he was attacked by a goose.
  3. Off topic, but I wonder if they will ever do "Presents - The Led Zeppeling Christmas Album"?
  4. Best one I've heard is: Free Beer. (Imagine the marquee: "TONIGHT!! FREE BEER!!!")
  5. How about that guy who used to sing for The Darkness?
  6. I wish Zeppelin had never even tried backing vocals...just listen to the end of Communication Breakdown and Living Loving Maid...pretty bad stuff. I read that during the acoustic set at Earl's Court in '75 they all sang, but I have no idea how it sounded.
  7. If these guys actually put an album out, what would you like the title to be? Since there last album was In Through the Out Door, my pick is: Out Through the In Door
  8. Just listened to the song again myself, and to my aged ears it sounds like "It's hell I'm lookin'/livin' for." The last word doesn't sound like 'ball' to me. I'm just sayin....
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Pagey finally got around to giving us How The West Was Won a few years back, plus the DVD. But there is plenty of other live material that should be released, and I know Page has mentioned it many times over the years, but WTF? Live stuff from Zep's early years, when they added lots of cover songs in their sets, to the Earl's Court 75 shows, etc...I'd love to hear them cleaned up and released on CD.
  10. It always seemed that Jonesy was a finger player, but I do recall seeing some pics of him using a pick. Anyone know if there was any rhyme or reason for this, or just personal whim for him? (I play bass with fingers and find it very hard to go back to a pick...)
  11. I know Bonzo liked the Police because he was pi$$ed when they didn't win the best new band award at some UK ceremony in 1979. He reacted by drunkenly singing "Message In a Bottle" at the top of his lungs. Never heard about him decking Stink, but it wouldn't surprise me. Heck, Stewart Copeland broke two of Stink's ribs in a scuffle before they went onstage once. I loved the Police, but egos definitely drove them apart. Copeland had lots of great ideas, and he was the real rocker in the band. Just check out his Klark Kent CD that he put out in 1980, using ideas that Stink rejected. It rock
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