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    writing....DVD's....iTunes....Rock Band on PS3....flea market/thrift store shopping....sudoku....blogging....Ryan Adams & The Cardinals....sleep....hugs....pizza....tasty guitar jams....buttons....personal style....Tim Horton's Ice Cappucinos....daydreaming....library silence....etc.
  1. JokerneckQ







  2. He was not arrested for 'beating' his mother and sister....it was for assault (most likely, verbal assault). In England (where he was arrested), the term assault is not the same as assault and battery. He has not been charged with anything yet. Don't you think the police would've put his ass in jail if he really beat his mother? He probably got into an argument with his family, kicked a few chairs, maybe threw something at the wall....it's far too early to judge.
  3. In a recent blog on her MySpace, Courtney Love claimed Ryan Adams 'stole' $858,000 from her daughter, Frances, to fund his critically panned 2003 album Rock N Roll. Stereogum.com reports: Source
  4. I love everything with the Apatow stamp of approval....it helps that Rogen & company are brilliant writers too. Although I'm not a stoner at all, I know I will probably hold this movie dear to my heart, as I do with Superbad, Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, etc. Oh, and after paying to see The Dark Knight, I get a free movie ticket (which will be used on Pineapple Express), so it's a win-win situation.
  5. Okay, now it's time for my favourite scruffy Irish singer-songwriter... Glen Hansard He's so good, he won a fookin' Oscar!
  6. I buy, unless it's something not available on any CD (for instance, Ryan Adams has hundreds of unreleased songs that will never see the light of day, and I know for a fact he doesn't care whether or not people download those particular songs). I used to have around 200 or so CD's...then a ton of them went 'missing' (ie. my crack-head brother-in-law stole them )...good ones too, like all of my Beatles and Pink Floyd. Other than that, I own eveything Led Zeppelin ever did - except for live albums and greatest hits, also, I have a great deal of Rolling Stones (everything from Beggar's Banquet through to Some Girls), Ryan Adams, Joni Mitchell, etc...
  7. Does James McAvoy not have the most beautiful blue eyes ever?
  8. It was a blind buy for me....I love all of the actors in it, of course I'm a fan of Bob Dylan, and I also admire the director (Todd Haynes), so naturally, it was a must. Speaking of Mr. Haynes' work, today, I bought his awesome movie Velvet Goldmine on DVD....I'd been looking for it for ages, so, happy day for me! I also purchased Ryan Adams' latest CD with The Cardinals - Follow The Lights.
  9. I'm Not There - 2 Disc Collector's Edition
  10. I thought of another one... Screaming Trees. Now, that's underrated!
  11. The stuff I got on my iPod would be considered lame to some, but not me! The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack Loretta Lynn's Greatest Hits And a whole crap-load of David Cook songs he did on American Idol. Also, I have that one song from the movie Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story called "Let's Duet". The lyrics crack me up: "In my dreams you're blowin' me.....some kisses"
  12. I love Big Wreck....I was a fan when they first came out in '98. One band no one has mentioned yet: The Cardinals (as in, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals). I know very few people are aware of Ryan's solo work (the constant Bryan/Ryan confusion drives me insane), but his backing band are truly the foundation. Neal Casal is not only a great guitarist/harmonist, but his work as a solo artist is great as well.
  13. David Cook Did I mention that I friggin' love musicians? Doing his best Tom Cruise...
  14. The Royal Tenenbaums Criterion Collection - DVD Ryan Adams 29 - CD Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Jacksonville City Nights - CD Emmylou Harris Blue Kentucky Girl - Vinyl
  15. Agreed! Now, my turn. Ryan Adams Here's someone I'd like to wake up to in the morning... I think he looks absolutely a-dork-able in this pic... My inner nerd wants to him so bad, glitter boots and all.
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