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  1. Love Pearl Jam.. Especially after I figured out what the song Jeremy meant... That's so tragic.
  2. Yeah, I'm listening to it a day before it's released... Got a problem with it?
  3. Soundgarden rocks.

  4. Haha, I think its actually pretty funny..... Shove my nose in SPIT!
  5. Nice zosodude13. What's some of your favorite songs by King Crimson so far?
  6. Have you got the Videos for the Music Bank too? Pretty interesting stuff.
  7. Joe Cool. Originally named Joy, but one day we noticed he uh.. wasn't a girl.. Needless to say, he can sing, and loves to mess with people.. Sometimes he even likes to cuddle :-P.
  8. Have everything they released, including the music bank.. The Unplugged CD/DVD is something everyone must hear at least once in their life... In my opinion, the best MTV Unplugged show ever.
  9. Nobody has mentioned "Discipline" yet.. I love this line(s): I repeat myself when under stress. I repeat myself when under stress. I repeat myself when under stress. I repeat myself when under stress. I repeat.. From: "Indiscipline" EDIT: How many albums did King Crimson release? I have 15.
  10. she couldn't razor cut it, so I just put wax in my hair and went crazy :-P. I know, I look like a doofus.
  11. Yeah, actually, back in the day, it used to be a hacker group, or so I have been told. My brother came up with the name a long time ago, and I have been using the screen name ever since.
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