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  1. That's what I thought. A real shame imho, I think that's the difference between a good version or a great version. Feels like the song's stopping and starting to me. Thanks for the info.
  2. Don’t get me wrong I by no means want to come off as though I'm having a go at her or anything because she does have a fantastic voice and from a purely vocal point of view she's great on that track. But having said that it does kind of spoil the song for me that she only really sings half the lyrics Sandy Denny did; and for the life of me I can't see why unless she either forgot the words or those sustained notes are just a feature of the particular style of singing they were going for. Personally, and imvho, I think it hampers the natural flow of the song which is a shame.
  3. Thanks, I think I’ve got set up ok now. I’m not looking for anything fantastic, just something to practice on. Like I said the guitar was just laying around doing nothing so I thought I’d have something I could keep set up.
  4. I've got a cheap Squire Strat that's not doing anything so I've decided to set it up to play slide, but I don't really know how to set the action or pick up height and I'm not sure on what tuning to use. Anyone got any tips? Cheers, Mike
  5. I know what you mean but I think Bonzo was pretty under-represented on the night. Moby Dick, along with showcasing Jason's ability and connection to that song and to his father, would have redressed that and shown a more rounded Zeppelin. Either that or Bonzo's Montreux, assuming that it's even possible to play that live with one drummer lol.
  6. Am I the only one who would have loved to have heard Mr Plant say "Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Bonham, MOBY DICK!" Anyone?
  7. http://www.vai.com/Machines/guitarpages/guitar119.html Just for the sheer artistry of it, I wouldn't play it, just look at it in awe. My real dream guitar however exists only in my mind at this point.
  8. If it’s working why not just stick with what you find easiest?
  9. Don’t think so, at least I can’t hear any mandolin or anything. It’s the one included with The Slog, it’s an original guitar piece overlaid with Robert Plant’s vocals sampled from Black Dog. As far as I know it’s never been known who it was by but I could be well off the mark with that. Admin, Would there be any problems with posting it here, i.e. copyright et al? If not I’ll upload a copy but I don’t want to get you in trouble or anything.
  10. This will probably be a dumb question but if you don't ask you don't learn I suppose; what exactly do you mean by that? Anyway, yeah Audacity includes a click track option but not having any formal (or informal) musical training I’m not really that sure about how to use to properly. Oh and thanks for the link Zero, seems much better.
  11. I'm sure you all know the acoustic version of Black Dog off The Slog. As far as I know the guitar is original written and played by whoever made the record and imho is very good and one of my favourite to play and listen to. Has Jimmy ever been asked about it , given his opinion or maybe even played it himself with or without Robert? Thanks
  12. Some great music here, really like the stuff by The Answer. Evermore, I really liked the music from that film too; I was particularly impressed with Tim Blake Nelson's performance on In the Jailhouse Now. I thought Clooney just looked funny miming to Man of Constant Sorrow. Yeah I know, sorry about that, I only noticed that board after this had a few replies.
  13. Trying to broaden my horizons with things of a Zep flavour; try not to make suggestions too obvious like Bert Jansch or Robert Johnson. Ok here’s my contribution… Alvin Youngblood Hart; a modern bluesman with a rock edge and just some down right fantastic songs. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone who likes Zeppelin, in particular Motivational Speaker is a very good album with a brilliant version of In My Time of Dying that even tops Led Zeppelin’s for me. Got a suggestion?
  14. I have an old second hand Lorenzo acoustic which is the first guitar I ever owned. I've also got my brother’s first guitar, a very cheap Squire Strat, which he modified by adding a humbucker in the bridge position, carving grooves into the higher frets and painting it in the style of the Stone Roses’s Elephant Stone album. My baby though is an early/mid 80’s, white Squire Strat that I’ve cheesily named Moby Dick. The build quality is fantastic for what it is, and it even has quite a bit of actual Fender hardware too rather than the really cheap stuff they seem to use now. I’ve also got a half finished home built SG style guitar which had to be abandoned after a crack appeared in the body .
  15. I do like the sound of the Les Paul better but I’m willing to sacrifice that somewhat for the better access to the higher frets and the tremolo arm of the Strat. A Gibson SG with the whammy bar would be a great compromise, but only because I couldn’t afford a completely custom instrument.
  16. Over the Hills is the one I can’t stop playing at the minute, it really has everything for me. Alternatively, anything from Nirvana’s unplugged album, very simple songs but also very soulful and sincerely done imho, especially Kurt’s rendition of In the Pines/Where Did You Sleep Last Night. I also like the sampled acoustic version of Black Dog but I prefer to play that on my own and (attempt) to sing along myself.
  17. Thanks for the kind comments, have to admit it's not quite my first recording though, but it is the first I've taken seriously in any way shape or form. I usually record myself when I'm just plinking around the fret board in the hope of capturing a good lick. Got a couple of other short recordings I like, none polished though. You might be right about latency being a problem. I deleted a very small part of the third guitar track before it kicks in which seems to have made an improvement, still not sure about the high guitar part which might need tweaking as well. I'd love to figure this out because this is the first song I've ever felt I'd like to actually finish. Here's the modified version, spot the difference! http://download-v5.streamload.com/8f5d1844...Cover)%20V2.mp3 By the way, got any suggestions on audio hosting? I'm using mediamax at the minute but it's not very easy to link to. Something similar to photobucket would be good. Thanks again. Mike
  18. Hello all, I’ve just started getting into recording using Audacity (can’t afford anything else!) and I need opinions on a recording. It’s nothing fancy, just a very short 45 sec demo of Bring it on Home, but I’ve listened to it so much I just can’t tell whether I’ve kept the right tempo. For some reason it sounds a little odd in the last few seconds but I can’t put my finger on it, not sure whether I’m speeding up or whether one of the guitar parts is out of synch. Anyway, here it is for your fresh ears. Hope the link works. http://download-v5.streamload.com/8f5d1844...in%20Cover).mp3 Cheers Mike
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