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  1. We were there ! Still blows me away when I think back at how lucky I was to witness that concert, A Hello to all the fans at the FOZ party! Wow! Encore! Encore! Encore!
  2. Salute! I just finished watching the concert again Wow! What a night that was..Great trip, beautiful city.. Cheers to all the people at the FOZ party, Dec 9 2007..
  3. Hey chicken! I felt the exact same way, D & C Blew me away also..Jimmy is not from this world.
  4. To all the guys who stayed at the Brittania International Hotel..Good Times! Merry Christmas
  5. Thank you Zeppelin for making my childhood dreams come true, and thanks to the city of London.
  6. I would love to take every Zep fan from Toronto with me!
  7. I'm sitting here waiting to finish my shift at work 12:00 midnight. Then I'm catching my Plane at 9:00am. Flight Air Canada 868 from Toronto. I think I'LL be to excited to sleep... Anyone else on this flight!
  8. My wife says I've been on cloud 9 all week..Ya Think!.. Yoo! Hoo!.. Remember Folks 7:00pm Sunday International Lobby..
  9. All us fans staying at the International Hotel should meet Sunday evening in the Lobby around 7:00pm. 6 more days....
  10. My wifes cousin, and friend I grew up with passed away tragically 2 years ago..He was one of the Biggest Zep fans on the planet..One of the reason's this is going to be special for me..God bless you Leo..
  11. Hey KCW ! Our flight leaves Toronto on the 8th at 9:00 am to Heathrow. There should be a bunch of Zep Fans on our flight..
  12. I was just curious of the age of most people attending? Myself I turned 40 this year. Don't Lie now LOL..
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