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  1. Can only see the one for sale in the UK. Is the other overseas possibly (unless I'm searching on the wrong words lol). Mine's nicely stored away now too...such a lovely item ! Proud to have it !
  2. Looks like there's a signed deluxe box set up for sale on ebay already....
  3. A few more pics of my signed copy...
  4. Thrilled to say that my signed deluxe version has just been delivered. It's stunning and I'm lucky enough to have copy No. 09/109 !!!!!
  5. Just successfully purchased mine....yippee!!! Doesn't matter to me whether it's exactly value for money or not, it's about what's important to me I guess. Having said that, it does look beautifully made and I'll treasure it...that's what matters most
  6. Just heard John Kongos performing Tokoloshe Man for the first time in years on Radio Two here in the UK....was struck by the very Zeppelinesque vibe! Feels like Bron y Aur Stomp mixed with Bring It On Home...can almost see Pagey pulling out the riff to this one! Have tried to cut n paste the YouTube link but for some reason I can't! Work checking it out.... Merry Crimbo all....
  7. Wow! Loving those latest pics..... PMSL...."Now it's Gene Simmons, so a pinch of salt is required".....so true lol !!!! On a further KISS/Led Zep connection, Ross Halfin posted some time back that Paul Stanley and Jimmy went out for dinner in London (maybe to Nobu?)....If memory serves correct, Ross said something like "the paparazzi went crazy" when they left. Has anyone ever seen any of these pics anywhere?
  8. "She still thought Gene posted that picture today. When he did not.".....oh yes he did!!!! Just to confirm....Gene DID indeed post this comment and picture on Twitter on June 24th this year. I'm not saying he didn't post the picture previously (if he did, I didn't see it!). Gene's Tweet and the picture of Jimmy/Nick are date-stamped as "7.16am 24 Jun 13" - see his Twitter feed. Looks like Genie pulled out the pic from the archive and re-posted lol....he's such a self-glorifying tart lol, but I love him !
  9. Ah cool...thanks for the clarity..... Looks like Gene's a bit behind on his Twitter updates lol !!!
  10. Here's a post from Gene Simmons' twitter earlier today: Here is Nick with his favorite RockGod – Jimmy Page, Who couldn't be more charming. pic.twitter.com/8whoN5KZJt I know that Gene passed through London over the last day or two after headlining various European dates with KISS so can only assume that he had dinner with Jimmy?? Gene's son, Nick, and wife Shannon were with him in Europe. Oh....if you think Nick looks tall....he's 6' 8" !!!!!
  11. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone has seen any of the signed editions of the Death Wish II re-issue up for sale in recent times? If so, what ball-park figure does the signed re-issue go for? I seem to recall that maybe the first 30 copies of the re-issue were signed, however a computer glitch on the day of release meant that Jimmy signed a few dozen more to honour the orders??? Guessing that circa 100 signed copies made it out? Cheers all.
  12. Hi all, I've just watched this amazing clip on YouTube....Robert with a local Kidderminster band ( I presume!) covering Bryan Adams and The Police amongst others in what appears to be a shopping centre. Curiosity has got the better of me.....does anybody know the story or circumstance behind this? Here's the clip:
  13. I'm sure I read somewhere that Pagey brought this to Zep for In Through The Out Door but it was vetoed
  14. Hi all, Apologies if this has been highlighted on another thread recently.... I've just come across a fantastic site called rockinhouston.com which is a historical goldmine of pictures from a plethora of live acts to have played Houston from '65 to '82....there are some amazing Zep pics on there! http://www.rockinhouston.com/performers/led-zeppelin/76/ Also, Jimmy's and Robert's individual entries are worth a look! Enjoy..... :-)
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