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  1. now that is the sort of couch potato I could live with!
  2. Dzldoc, not talking about the US mail service since I live in Finland. aliens are a real and frightening threat to our mail!
  3. why yes. picture by Bob Harris I believe. (sorry if this one's been posted before) from the Grammys he still DEFINITELY has it.
  4. I don't like putting things in the mail on Fridays. I'm afraid that during the weekend there's a bigger chance for them getting lost.
  5. did someone mention a smile?
  6. they're in my top2 actually but since that wasn't an option I went with top5. sometimes LZ is my favourite, other times it's Pearl Jam. it's a constant "battle" between them two.
  7. it's been a while (too long a while to be honest!) since I've been around here.. but boy, oh boy have you ladies (and gentlemen) made it a pleasure to return! so so many new pictures of our dearest mr. Robert. *dreamy* and just so you know I mean business - a picturous gift from me (don't think I saw this one around here, sorry if I'm mistaken):
  8. yes, and I adore his lips! I find that quite many English/British gentlemen have rather thin lips. I mean, look at mr. Daniel "James Bond" Craig for example! (ok, his lower lip IS "plumper", haha, but I guess you know what I mean.)
  9. Adi! have you fallen from the Heavens? love ALLLLLL the pics. thank ju!
  10. oh I love that.. *coughs* bracelet. this has probably been posted before but it's by far one of my fave pics of him with Allison. I totally wish I was her!!
  11. oh those are just too hot. *giggles* especially the second one.
  12. def-i-nitely. sweet as honey.
  13. that is pure hotness. my gosh. I'll join Lizzy_17 in the blushing club. EDIT: oh and Tetelisa! wow, thank you too. what a beautiful man he is.
  14. me three. I was even covering my mouth. EDIT: this is of course in reference to eternal light and Hotplant mentioning they were doing the same "pose" as Rob in some pics.
  15. this pic reminds me of Logan Plant.
  16. happy birthday to our Liongod.
  17. I could imagine myself looking like that in the vicinity of THE Golden God. that is, if I could still stand up straight.
  18. I love this one.. *sigh* first of all, it's a funky angle, which makes it interesting. Robert looks so deep in thoughts.. and/or sad.. I could volunteer in cheering him up..
  19. well, fair enough. I hereby declare Eddie's poses Robert-Plant-esque! this one isn't but I like it anyway.
  20. why be mean when you can be kind? that's what I tend to think. like someone said (sorry, I forgot the name!!) he knows he's gorgeous! he's too divine NOT to know. haha. and again for the b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l! pictures. thanks to all the picture-posting ladies!! I don't know if any of yous know Pearl Jam but I think Robert's pose/look in this pic is very Eddie Vedder-esque. and this is probably my favourite pic of the Raising Sand photos. (well, ok, it's just a part of the pic.)
  21. *gasp* are you an angel?! Thank! You! Very! MUCH!!! I especially love the "arm pumping in the last one"
  22. haha. well, fear not! I couldn't be arsed to rate them anyway. hmm. maybe I shouldn't use the term 'arsed' around youngsters.. I reckon fainting is manageable! after all, we do have the emergency unit on stand-by.
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