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  1. The Iridium jazz club posted a picture of Jimmy Page sitting in the front row of the Iridium (last night). Saw this on their Facebook page. Page is in the front left corner of the photo. See attached photo.
  2. I stumbled upon this piece of artwork. I thought it was creative and this group would enjoy. Cheers. Ridin' The Zeppelin
  3. Stumbled upon this link/slideshow of the making of 2 custom guitars for Page. Enjoy. http://www.parsonsguitars.com/strolling_with_bones.php
  4. dazedjeffy ... Great article, thanks for sharing.
  5. Robert Plant's son was interviewed along with the rest of the band Sons of Albion - I think this was the interview: http://www.q1043.com/cc-common/podcast.html He mentioned 'my dad the music fanatic' ... and something like 'the incredible record collection' he grew up around. Has any seen Plant's record collection? I was once at Peter Wolf's apartment in the Pru in Boston, floor to ceiling album collection. I have to think Plant's is similar. Enjoy :-) RoyalOrleans
  6. Ross Halfin posted these new Page photos: http://www.rosshalfin.com/diary/july-2010/diary-july-2010.php
  7. More photos from this Page siting: http://www.youdopia.com/2010/06/26/jimmy-page-is-kicking-it-in-brazil-for-samba-even-at-66-hes-the-man/
  8. Not news and FWIW ... Plant sited in NYC 5/14/2010 ... photo on http://www.buzzfoto.com/ front page for now.
  9. This web site is very helpful as the author has done his/her Zep 'roots' homework already: http://www.zharth.net/roots/index.html The site leads to some originals of Zep songs I wasn't aware of. 'Boogie with Stu' is Ritchie Valens 'Ooh! My Head' - 'Dazed and Confused' is Jake Holmes 'Dazed and Confused' - Maybe old news to some, news to me! Was playing 'How the West Was One' Dazed and Confused in the car today, that first 5 minutes is still incredible
  10. Here is a segment of 'She Squeezed My Lemon' by Art McKay (again from the 1930s). Nothing like the Lemon Song or R. Johnson's 'Travelling Riverside Blues', but a good 'roots' song. http://www.csufresno.edu/folklore/drinkingsongs/mp3s/1930s/1930s--1969ca-copulating-blues-vol-2--stash-records-(LP)/12%20-%20She%20Squeezed%20My%20Lemon%20-%20Art%20Mckay.mp3
  11. The Library of Congress has some great historical recordings online. I browse them every once and a while for download to my iPod. You will find some real gems amongst them, it is worth the hunt :-) I found this version of Nobody's Fault But Mine, sung by a gospel group, recorded by Alan Lomax in 1939 . Take a listen, you'll enjoy it. If anyone else knows of other 'roots' versions of Zep songs online, please share. Cheers. Royal Orleans Nobody's Fault But Mine,1939, url: http://memory.loc.gov/afc/afcss39/269/2694b1.mp3 All recordings from Lomax trip, url: http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/
  12. I'm not a John McLaughlin expert by any means, but if you listen to his solos on many songs - 'Meeting of the Spirits' comes to mind - there is fluidity and inventiveness to his playing, that reminds me of Page's playing on 'The Song Remains the Same'. Not saying anyone copied anything, but I would think Page would have 'understood' McLaughlin's revolutionary(?) solo guitar work in Mahavishnu Orchestra and made note of what this other guitar genius was doing. Gotta run.... -Royal Orleans (a fan since 1975)
  13. Thought I'd share this - I remember as a teenager reading a Jimmy Page interview and the interviewer asking who taught him. Jimmy deferred on giving a name. At some point it became known that John McLaughlin gave Jimmy some lessons. I just stumbled upon this hilarious John McLaughlin quote, where he trys to remember the name of Led Zeppelin's guitarist. He must have been joking! http://www.abstractlogix.com/interview_view.php?idno=23 Here is an extract: BM: You weren't session guys together. JM: No, but you know who was' Somebody who I gave lessons to...what was his name' He playe
  14. Maybe this was posted, but Plant issued an official statement that he won't be touring with anyone for 2 years. See: http://www.robertplant.com/index.php?l1=2&...f5c92f12c398679
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