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  1. me too, he cant keep this up forever, i wish he would just get led zeppelin back together(( im thinking rp is the one not wanting to, ) and do a multi venue in all the world wide cities before its too late to happen, so all, young and older could see the group just one more time before its too late!! whatch say robert, maybe he is too old to rock out like back in the day, i see jimmy and jonsey still are, maybe robert can get a few cases of geritol and grab the days of old ad hit the touring road!!
  2. anyone heard maybe j.geils band ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, With minimal, a couple of dates recently appeared on venue schedules for one of the hardest working bands ever to walk onstage. Throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s the J. Geils Band was always a party favorite. Fronted by rapid-talking Peter Wolf and featuring tasty guitar licks by founder J. Geils, the Boston-based band always audiences on their feet with stompers like “Must Have Got Lost,” “Give It To Me” and “Southside Shuffle.”
  3. jj20030

    GRAMMY Results

    im glad they won all those grammys cause i think it's the best thing that could happen to try to get the group to tour! i jus dont think jp will standby idle whilst rp gets the spot light! with or without rp i think we will hear something sooner than later! jus my opinion,,, we will see!
  4. im thinking it may be paul mcartney and ringo
  5. i thought i posted this the other day but couldnt find it anywhere "poof" anyways, i really like some of the different versions of some songs, like kashmir and the ocean on the dvd of tsrts. does anyone know the names of any cd's out there that have some. i mean just a little different guitar or drum make a song sound better etc,, know what im talking about?
  6. kinda what i was a thinkin, thanks,, i also thought maybe it was there for an emergency of somekind , like a sick family member etc,, and that it might light up when it rang,, maybe its jus all the smoke that i breathed in at them concerts in the 70;s,, ofcourse i didnt inhale!!
  7. this may be triva, but a question from me? in the mothership dvd, jpj is playing keyboards , i think its on the ocean maybe misty mountain hop? while he is playing there is a telephone on top of the keyboard,, does anyone know why he has a phone sitting there ? like i say im looking for an answer?
  8. all my rowdy friends have settled on down! hell no robert, get your ass up and rock on a world tour,,, then you can settle on down,!
  9. well i ordered, now and zen, fate of nations and 66 to timbuktu to start out with, thanks all !!
  10. was wanting to purchase a robert plant cd, whitout buying the whole box set which is ts the best way to get all his best? a best of sorta? any ideas? thanks and sorry if i posted this in the wrong place!
  11. i was working as a pipewelder for h.b. zachry in a refinery in freeport texas and had been rockin to zep since i can rember!
  12. i saw on one of the celeb. shows today , naomi got her purse riped off at the concert with 2 cell phones in it
  13. jus heard good times bad times and see the little advertisement of the mothership in the bottom coner of the screen,, looks more like tour stuff to me?
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