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  1. I was wondering that too - Rubbish. I can only agree to someone like Hendrix ahead of Pagey.
  2. I know most would say his singular voice, eloquence, wit, self-assurance, sense of humour...But I'd have to go with the buns.
  3. Wow - I thought it was a lovely tribute, never even knew this existed, thanks !
  4. Indeed. Most of the folks standing around me were raving mad and dancing as much as the tight space allowed (me included)- but have to admit there were moments where I stood motionless and mesmerised, in utter awe of the "moment", and I did notice a similar reaction from others, ie when Jimmy whips out the bow - you listen !
  5. ...bought concert ticket stubs on ebay for double the face value of the actual show.
  6. Sounds like they're safe for now- an album would work too, but you would have to get it out whereas with a frame they are on display to remind you I was wondering what to do with the these cherished items and walked into bedroom where I beheld an empty frame I had gotten as a gift sitting on my bedside . I thought, "would that be a bit much " ? so I did it of course
  7. Defo Since I've Been Loving You. I find it vital and necessary to air guitar along to this one, though I try and remember to draw the curtains first.
  8. you are right, no zeppelin on the tix- just Ahmet Tribute...but I still framed mine of course, along with bracelet !!
  9. Well the press are certainly citing some of this stuff - yesterday I read an article that made reference to the forum and that bollocks about Krauss being Yoko Ono for feck's sake !*cringe*.
  10. "I saw a lion he was standing alone with a tadpole in a jar" always makes me smile "Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace, whose sounds caress my ear " *shiver*
  11. As much as I loved this show with all my heart, would have loved some acoustic and/or earlier tunes as in : - Going to California - Thats the Way - Babe Im Going to Leave You - We're Gonna Groove - How Many More Times (the unsung hero of the heavy tunes) - The Rover - The Ocean - Travelling Riverside Blues of course !! But in a two-hour gig a band with their repetoire just cant play everything. Just glad Jimmy whipped out the bow ;-)
  12. Watched some stuff again on Youtube last night, and though he is not gleefully hopping around the place, we shouldnt read *too* much into all of this. As some informed people have pointed out, any hint of a solemn/forlorn mood can be attributed to the momentous tribute to Ahmet , exacerbated by the sadness over a terminally ill friend that was brought over to see the show. As for tossing around the mic, I think I recall seeing him do this at other shows, ie with he Strange Sensation...just a bit of stage antics IMHO.
  13. 'Twas LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY meeting you girl. I'm sure the highlight of your trip was that sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding at the pub ?! Sorry we didnt film it and post it on Youtube for you to relive the moment !
  14. Absolutely - relived that bit again on Youtube last night and it was fecking wicked !!
  15. I got a couple of unwanted beer showers too. On the clip they were showing about Ahmet featuring various artists, there was some footage of Jimmy playing White Summer/Black Mountainside and this young guy next to me starts crying - and before the blokes are even on stage! My girlfriend handed him some tissues for the show (I cant resist the urge to quote one of my favorites - It takes a big man to cry, and an even bigger man to laugh at that man. ). But it was a very special nite - my hair still stands on end.
  16. I had seen Robert before but never Jimmy - bumped into him as he was leaving a small gig earlier this month and it was pretty cool. He looked right at me but I was too afraid to acknowledge that I recognized him as this was shortly before the O2 so didnt want to make too much of a fuss . Kinda wished I had just said "hi"...
  17. The sheer anticipation once the intro video/projection started - knew they were coming and the excitement of it nearly knocked the air out of me ! Since I've Been Loving You - Actually saw some guys air-guitaring it ! Jimmy whipping out the bow- I nearly keeled over - like a wizard with a magic wand.. *sigh*
  18. jeans, boots, and "Nurses Do It Better" shirt - and most of all, a huge grin like the rest of you !
  19. fantastic- hope it comes out soon, want to relive it all over again before I forget any details !
  20. May be just be another rumour (I tend to be wary of "some guy heard some guy say" but interesting nonetheless... http://www.nme.com/news/led-zeppelin/33125 Who knows ?
  21. I have to say that was on of the most surprising bits of the show - certainly want expecting that lol !
  22. Brian May the only one I spotted as well ! He walked right through the front door as I was going out for last cigarette before the show. It was the hair !
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