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  1. This picture shows the whole charisma and mystery of Jimmy. It is iconic!
  2. This is really beautiful! You got them perfectly! And I have recognized that pic at once, it is one of my favorites!
  3. This is pretty cool! You really expressed the essence of Rock and Roll!!!
  4. I just love the features of his delicate face... that´s so beautiful!
  5. Nice pic! You have a charming smile
  6. You look very pretty! And I love this coat, from which material it is made? It looks a little like vevet with a fur collar. Do you have any bigger pic of it? You have real talent. I would bet Jimmy in the sixties would wear such clothes, he liked velvet a lot in his Yardbird times and later as well!
  7. Some ARMS Jimmy from Royal Orleans again:
  8. I always feel so sad when I see him in such shape- I could hug him a nd tell him that all will be all right again! It is so bad when such a talented man destroyed himself- but I understand it- all the tour stress, the working on the albums, the hysteria of the fans- too much for such frail and sensible person. This is the other side of the fame, the side which we don´t see usually... some from me:
  9. he has got a beautiful hair here
  10. Those are great! some more:
  11. Oh sorry, I wasn´t there for ages
  12. I have found those on Royal Orleans
  13. What gorgeous pics! I wish I could be there too!
  14. It looks almost like a passport photo with Jackie de Shannon- Jimmy´s look is saying : this girl is mine, only mine!
  15. Thanks very much to Royal Orleans! and some from me:
  16. The colored black and white photos always look weird... just like colored old movies . There is always such a grey tone and the colors look so unnatural.
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