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  1. He is beyond gorgeous :wub: Thank you for that pic, Alex!
  2. This picture shows the whole charisma and mystery of Jimmy. It is iconic!
  3. Finally I´m here again! BTW- nice signature, Lena! Some Pagey hotness for the weekend:
  4. Some for you Magenta, to feel much better! But for the other Pagettes too...
  5. This is really beautiful! You got them perfectly! And I have recognized that pic at once, it is one of my favorites!
  6. This is pretty cool! You really expressed the essence of Rock and Roll!!!
  7. Oh my, oh my... I wish I could cuddle him too and hide my face into those luscious dark curls... some from me:
  8. Those are so gorgeous! Thank you, Alex! The first one with Rob and Jimmy is too cute-Jimmy´s face expression is that you want cuddle him and kiss those sweet lips! And the last one... aww, poor baby, skin and bones! This is the skinniest pic of Jimy I have ever seen! His pants are almost falling down. I could cry for him and hold him in my arms.
  9. Welcome on board! You are on the right place here. Enjoy and have a lot of fun!
  10. I just love the features of his delicate face... that´s so beautiful!
  11. Oh my good God! Almost all those pics are quite new for me. Jimmy holding the guitar pick between his gorgeous lips and his wistful dreamy eyewink- have you ever seen something more alluring and erotic?
  12. This pic is so beatifully oldfashioned- like a 19th century English gentleman
  13. Oooh, you made my heart melt! Some Pagey hotness from me:
  14. Nice pic! You have a charming smile
  15. You look very pretty! And I love this coat, from which material it is made? It looks a little like vevet with a fur collar. Do you have any bigger pic of it? You have real talent. I would bet Jimmy in the sixties would wear such clothes, he liked velvet a lot in his Yardbird times and later as well!
  16. Oh, fluffy Jimmy! I think that this pic is gorgeous as well. Jimmy so young, studying some cover of a record... I would love to see his collection of records, this must be great!
  17. Boys with the most gorgeous eyes Two cutest English rockstars: Jimmy! Paul Mc Cartney the exotic Keanu Reeves Ace Frehley of KISS- from his solo career after KISS without make-up Paul Stanley of KISS
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