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  1. Nice tommy gun. Is that a 50 round drum magazine? I understand your apprehension of wondering if it was going to buck like a mule or not but aren`t those Thompsons a tad heavy with 50 rounds of .45 ACP? Good luck with getting the weight back on and stay hunkered down for Ida. We are sweating it out here in St. Mary`s Parish. Don`t need any more rain.
  2. I don`t know of any books written about David Bowie but I can recommend three albums. Ziggy Stardust Aladdin Sane and my personal favorite Diamond Dogs. Being a Rebel Rebel, I am Tom Nally`s Freak after all and Halloween Jack is my hero.
  3. There is much controversy as to this. I believe Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British doctor who first raised this issue, has been exposed as having a finacial interest in the alternative vaccine for MMR (mumps, rubella, measles).
  4. 50s. The Twilght Zone I Love Lucy 60s. Star Trek Love American Style. The Odd Couple Laugh In. 70s. The Patridge Family Night Gallery All In The Family The Brady Bunch NBC Sunday Night Mystery-Columbo, McCloud, MacMillin and Wife....etc The Jeffersons...Gotta love George. Good Times 80s. Square Pegs...Sarah Jessica Parker Dallas Knots Landing Dear John 90s Nova and Frontline 00s. My Name is Earl Nova and Frontline My all time favorite show I have watched from the beginning is Saturday Night Live.
  5. I sent my birth certificate in when I applied for my passport and never got it back after my passport arrived. I have been to Cozumel twice but not recently, maybe things have changed. There isn`t much to do there except go diving or snorkeling and Palancar Reef is to die for although it takes a good half hour boat ride to get there. The water is very clear and on smooth seas, you can see the bottom even at depths of 80 feet. The hotels on the beach are rather expensive but you can get good deals a few blocks off the beach. If you get to stay on the ship at port, that would save that expense. I use beach rather lighty as the coastline is mostly rocks and covered by the worst urchins you could ever hope not to step on. I didn`t care much for the Mayan food and the streets have a ga-zillion iguanas running lose. Big ones. Whatever you do, don`t rent a moped and take a dirt road. The jungle there is scarry. Other than that, you probaly would enjoy The Caymans better. Your friends can always hit Cancun on the mainland for the drinking and debauchery. Just don`t drink the mezcal. The famous pyramid at Chichen Itza isn`t far away from Cancun either.
  6. Thats so sad Tim. You really don`t know what to say about this type of thing but at least I bet there is no unemployment in Heaven. I imagine there is a fresh coat of paint on The Pearly Gates in his daughter`s favorite color of crayon and Rodney can see all The Tigers` games from a cloud. Better than box seats and the beer and hot dogs are free. Chin up old man.
  7. L 7

    Make me laugh!

    It makes me laugh that this was your last post before banishment! Dead and buried. Relegated to the dust bin of forgotten trolls.
  8. Green Eyed Lady-Sugarloaf
  9. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-Willie Nelson
  10. Yes, a happy 4th. No work and getting paid. What a truly happy day. The menu. Fresh from the charcoal and mesquite fired grill. A two inch thick porterhouse steak rare, roasted corn and chicken legs. Fresh from the `fridge. Ice cold beer, mustard potato salad, whole milk and a yummy garden salad with Italian dressing Dessert Jolly Rancher popsicles, strawberry shortcake, sliced tomatos from the garden and watermelon both with salt. Even the pets get a treat, hot dogs. Once on the 3rd, I bought a fifth for the 4th and didn`t wake up until the 6th. Stars And Stripes Forever
  11. Father-English/American redneck Mother-French/American coon ass
  12. Its be a while since I awarded one but just for you.
  13. Thanks all...I am not telling how many candles on the cake...its a fire hazzard.
  14. Getting the LZ 77 tour tee-shirt and a Rolling Stones lighter for my birthday.
  15. Three quarks for Muster Mark! I would like to put this idiot in the Super Collider and fling him off the planet at near the speed of light.
  16. You know TFLZ if you were a negative quadratic equation, your small-ativity would approach negative infinity. The slope of your tangent line would as slanted as the slope of your forehead. If your were a sub-atomic particle, you would be a weak boson. Even a neutrino has more mass than your pathetic cry for the attention your mommie didn`t give you. Give it up ok? It was funny the first 100 times. Now its annoying. Gimme a a 40-round clip from Tony Montana if it makes you feel better.
  17. I prefer Martha White cornmeal. Yellow or white doesn`t matter. Have you ever tried cornbread with pork cracklings? To die for. In fact just last week I had some of the best cornbread I even had. Got my fill. Yummy.
  18. I am partial to Elkie Brooks of Vinegar Joe and the late great Mariska Veres of Shocking Blue. Janis Joplin is an aquired taste and I guess I need to aquire some taste.
  19. You look like a young Mary Hartman if you get my drift.
  20. L 7

    Beautiful Women

    Too funny. If spats were royalty he would be the Crown Prince of Asscrackistan. If spats were a dinosaur he would be an Asscrackadactyl.
  21. Hot and steamy as a Jackie Collins novel on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.
  22. I saw Heart in the late 70s with Louisisana`s LeRoux. I will never forget this show because I found a wad of cash on the floor under a seat. When I got outside it was over $50 and paid for my trip and tickets.
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