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  1. Tiger is a public figure and good publicity goes with bad.

    He asked for the job.

    I`m sure he probably has moral stipualtions to all his endorsements contracts so I don`t see why anyone can question why the dirty laundry shouldn`t be aired...unless your Tiger.

    Seems he has already used the pounding his wife...umm I mean the dashboard... gave him as an excuse to dropped out of a tournament.

    He got caught with his putter out of his pants and got his ass beat for it plain and simple.

    After seeing photos of his wrecked SUV, he wife was after his golf balls as well.

    Why would you break out the rear window to help and ingured driver out?

    Why dodge the police if its just a traffic ticket?

    Damage control?

    The whole sorid affair doesn`t pass the smell test....STINKS!

  2. Force the bastard to pay.

    Gee whiz Liz, don`t you have a blah-og to update?

    BTW, I`m the lucky deadbeat bastard.

    Good luck on the new gig at another forum as a moderator.

    I`m sure you didn`t get your time as a bathroom monitor in high school but then again chics like you always got a swirlee if they dare venture in the bathroom.

    As far as tangie baby is concerned, I can`t be a part of her daughter`s life because of her attitude...but then again, she`s not bitter.

    Like jimmy ray told her....

    BITCH ON!!!!!!

    BTW, I will be getting my SO a coaster whith a chin strap and matching knee pads....hell maybe even a mop!!!!!


  3. Nice tommy gun. Is that a 50 round drum magazine?

    I understand your apprehension of wondering if it was going to buck like a mule or not but aren`t those Thompsons a tad heavy with 50 rounds of .45 ACP?

    Good luck with getting the weight back on and stay hunkered down for Ida. We are sweating it out here in St. Mary`s Parish. Don`t need any more rain.

  4. I hate `em also Bong Man. I wonder why don`t THEY add something to cigarettes to make you quit if THEY can make them not burn. I go through a Bic lighter a week.

    Just be glad you can still put the Mexican blend in your bong and enjoy without a blow torch or a Roman candle.

  5. I don`t know of any books written about David Bowie but I can recommend three albums.

    Ziggy Stardust

    Aladdin Sane

    and my personal favorite

    Diamond Dogs.

    Being a Rebel Rebel, I am Tom Nally`s Freak after all and Halloween Jack is my hero. B)

  6. I never had an real issue with ZFF`s style. If I didn`t want to read his post, I would just scroll past them. Thats the best ignore feature I know of.

    I don`t know the man, just his on-line persona, but he seemed like a nice enough guy. Always cheerful but we all have our breaking points.

    What I don`t understand is starting a thread like this one and asking "Is there a problem with ths" then being miffed over a few honest answers.

    One had better have thick skin if you ask unless you want to be lied to. I didn`t read every post in this thread but it seems ZFF had more supporters than detractors.

    It seems the battle lines have been drawn but I prefer to stay neutral.

    Will I miss him? Only time will tell.

    ZFF did breathe new life into this community but the smoke from his fiery exit still lingers.

    Carry on.

    Smoke `em if ya got `em.

  7. Great song too. "The Andrea True Connection" I believe? I like her singing better than her porn, which I'm not sure which be considered more insulting to her. Anyway, great song.

    Andrea is True!

    I have the extended dance version which I like better than the airwaves version.

  8. I'm even considering getting my son the vaccine. And I'm very partial to vaccines, seeing as they have been linked to Autism.

    There is much controversy as to this.

    I believe Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British doctor who first raised this issue, has been exposed as having a finacial interest in the alternative vaccine for MMR (mumps, rubella, measles).

  9. This is a nice car! I wished they would go back to some of the older body styles while still making them effecient.

    Like I said, I wished I would have never sold my 65 Mustang.

    Yes it was a nice car, complete with a metal dash and no seat belts. I`m lucky my head didn`t make a nice round imprint in the dash when that telephone pole ran a stop sign and cut out in front of me.

    That was my grand mother`s car and it was cherry in 1972.

    My friend had a powder blue `66 `Stang, complete with a bullet hole in the floorboard and a dusting of red clay from the Alabama dirt roads we dodged the cops on.

    His car looked like he drove it through a bag of Cheetos.

    At least his car had an 8-track player and we wore out Led Zeppelin.

    Those were the days when gas was 50 cents a gallon.

  10. 50s.

    The Twilght Zone

    I Love Lucy


    Star Trek

    Love American Style.

    The Odd Couple

    Laugh In.


    The Patridge Family

    Night Gallery

    All In The Family

    The Brady Bunch

    NBC Sunday Night Mystery-Columbo, McCloud, MacMillin and Wife....etc

    The Jeffersons...Gotta love George.

    Good Times


    Square Pegs...Sarah Jessica Parker


    Knots Landing

    Dear John


    Nova and Frontline


    My Name is Earl

    Nova and Frontline

    My all time favorite show I have watched from the beginning is

    Saturday Night Live.

  11. Sometimes justice delayed is not always justice denied. The victims of Lockerbie got an instant death.

    Prostate cancer. What a lingering painful death.

    Your `nads fall off and rot in hell. Not much use in the afterlife with the 72 virgins.

    At least the guards in kilts don`t have to clean up the puke, piss and shit.

    Let his loving family do it I say.

    Maybe even Qaddafi Duck can pull a little bed pan duty for his "innocent" martyr.


  12. Besides LZ and The Stones.

    Grand Funk Railroad


    The Moody Blues

    Creedance Clearwater Revial

    Aerosmith/Joe Perry

    Jeff Beck

    David Bowie

    Mott The Hoople/Ian Hunter

    Bad Company

    Joe Satriani

    Van Halen

    Hank Wiliiams Jr.

    et al.

  13. I may be going on a cruise to Cozumel and the Cayman Islands with my sister over Spring Break. Of course that means I'd need to get a passport, only I have no clue where my birth certificate is. Or if I really want to go, for that matter. I mean, spending Spring Break with my sister and her drunk friends doesn't sound very appealing to me. :-\

    I sent my birth certificate in when I applied for my passport and never got it back after my passport arrived.

    I have been to Cozumel twice but not recently, maybe things have changed.

    There isn`t much to do there except go diving or snorkeling and Palancar Reef is to die for although it takes a good half hour boat ride to get there.

    The water is very clear and on smooth seas, you can see the bottom even at depths of 80 feet.

    The hotels on the beach are rather expensive but you can get good deals a few blocks off the beach.

    If you get to stay on the ship at port, that would save that expense.

    I use beach rather lighty as the coastline is mostly rocks and covered by the worst urchins you could ever hope not to step on.

    I didn`t care much for the Mayan food and the streets have a ga-zillion iguanas running lose. Big ones.

    Whatever you do, don`t rent a moped and take a dirt road. The jungle there is scarry.

    Other than that, you probaly would enjoy The Caymans better.

    Your friends can always hit Cancun on the mainland for the drinking and debauchery.

    Just don`t drink the mezcal.

    The famous pyramid at Chichen Itza isn`t far away from Cancun either.

  14. I have only been to two concert that I thought were too loud.

    One in a thread thats going on.


    Instead of guitars the members were playing Sonic-Assault Rifles.

    My ears bled.

    Tinnitus for two days.

    Louder than a F-16 at take-off.

    Ted Nugent-1977.

    My ears and eyes bled.

    Tinnitus for three days.

    Louder than a 10-gauge shot gun.

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