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  1. I have only been to two concert that I thought were too loud. One in a thread thats going on. Aerosmith-1978. Instead of guitars the members were playing Sonic-Assault Rifles. My ears bled. Tinnitus for two days. Louder than a F-16 at take-off. Ted Nugent-1977. My ears and eyes bled. Tinnitus for three days. Louder than a 10-gauge shot gun.
  2. I must mention the late-great Mitch Hedberg and Lisa Lampanelli from Comedy Central. Does anyone remember that weirdo Steven Wright who broke a mirror and instead of 7 years bad luck, his lawyer got him 4? Gallager and his damn Sledge-O-Matic? From SNL- Meyers/Carvey, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Will Ferrel, Cheri O`Teri, Rachael Dratch, Maya Randolph, Molly Shannon, Chris Kattan, and my all time favorite SNL cast member, Phil Hartman.
  3. Thats so sad Tim. You really don`t know what to say about this type of thing but at least I bet there is no unemployment in Heaven. I imagine there is a fresh coat of paint on The Pearly Gates in his daughter`s favorite color of crayon and Rodney can see all The Tigers` games from a cloud. Better than box seats and the beer and hot dogs are free. Chin up old man.
  4. L 7

    Make me laugh!

    It makes me laugh that this was your last post before banishment! Dead and buried. Relegated to the dust bin of forgotten trolls.
  5. Green Eyed Lady-Sugarloaf
  6. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-Willie Nelson
  7. L 7

    Pet Peeves

    Being told what do to, where I can and can`t go. Who I can talk to. Bossy people in general.
  8. The Beatles/John Lennon. Like the song says, "Johnny was a school boy when he heard his first Beatle`s song". How many great guitar players first picked up an electric guitar thanks to The Beatles? Granted skiffle was alive during the 50s in Britain, both John Lennon and Jimmy Page were in skiffle bands. Having lived through the 60s, 70s and beyond, I witnessed all the great British bands. The Who, The Kinks, et al. The Mersey Sound dominated the American airwaves and televison after The Bealtes appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. I saw the broadcast in 1964 as a young child. There
  9. I fully support the right to arm bears.
  10. I smell a little pre-emptive damage control from another brewing scandal. Palin is un-electable as seen in 2008. Look for Bush III when Jeb decides to throw his hat in the ring.
  11. Yes, a happy 4th. No work and getting paid. What a truly happy day. The menu. Fresh from the charcoal and mesquite fired grill. A two inch thick porterhouse steak rare, roasted corn and chicken legs. Fresh from the `fridge. Ice cold beer, mustard potato salad, whole milk and a yummy garden salad with Italian dressing Dessert Jolly Rancher popsicles, strawberry shortcake, sliced tomatos from the garden and watermelon both with salt. Even the pets get a treat, hot dogs. Once on the 3rd, I bought a fifth for the 4th and didn`t wake up until the 6th. Stars And Stripes Forever
  12. L 7


    I caught Saxon and Def Leppard. The guitarists in Saxon had guitar straps that would spin the guitars around. I thought it was nice until the end of the show when one of the guitarist humped his prone guitar on stage. Tasteless. I saw a then unknown Def Leppard open for Blackfoot about 1981 to a half empty arena. Def Leppard was playing and behind the drummer some one held up a sign that read Dik Likker. I always thought it was Blackfoot roadies that did it and the guys from Def Leppard thought the crowd loved them when in fact they we cheering on this rather rude act.
  13. Father-English/American redneck Mother-French/American coon ass
  14. Its be a while since I awarded one but just for you.
  15. Thanks all...I am not telling how many candles on the cake...its a fire hazzard.
  16. Getting the LZ 77 tour tee-shirt and a Rolling Stones lighter for my birthday.
  17. Thanks nine. I usually consider the source when reading posts here but I lost my cool. I would like to share a story because you know I love to talk about airplanes. I worked with a very nice fellow who was the mechanic for Jaffe`s B707 in San Antonio. One day at lunch he told me how he went with MJ on this trip to Africa when MJ rented Jaffe`s 707. He didn`t say when it was but I assume it was in 1992. Though my friend was forced to ride in one of the jump seats on the flight deck, he said MJ was very polite and soft-spoken. Even came in the cockpit to see the controls. I did a quic
  18. Good point Reg, I am just waiting for the "blowing Bubbles" jokes.
  19. I don`t think any would care about Steve A-hole `s Bones Fe-fe-fi-fi-fo-fo fum What a dip shit Englishman
  20. Thanks. I remember this song as well. I really loved the 60s pop music TV shows but don`t recall this one. Did he say Sha-bang?
  21. Poor MJ is dead but not even buried. Past allegations have and will continue to be dug up. I find one post beyond tacky and in some of the worst taste I have ever seen here. Shame shame shame on you know who. edited for typos
  22. I just love the Jimmy Swaggart-esque catharsis. The emails are cheesy...I just love your tan lines. Where is the outrage? He should be be impeached. Where is Newt on this?
  23. Three quarks for Muster Mark! I would like to put this idiot in the Super Collider and fling him off the planet at near the speed of light.
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