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  1. Thanks Bong-ster. Isn`t Detroit a hub for Northwest Airlines which is based in Minneapolis-St.Paul? My old firm did some contract maintenence for NWA and the reps they sent were pissed. First Texas took their hockey team and then their jobs. Too bad they didn`t bring their women. Oh well, at least they still have the Vi-queens and Twits.
  2. This was in Detroit wasn`t it? I seem to recall the pilots were discussing the dating habits of the flight attendants and forgot to lower the wing slats and flaps to take-off configuration. There should have been a take-off warning horn but this was a MD-82 and how loss of electrical power would affect the take-off warning horn is beyond me. With the engines running the electrical buss should have been powered. I am not to familiar with this jet.
  3. Yes zepplover and the conspiracy theories spang up. They wanted to blame it on an missle fired from a Navy ship. I am not sure if this accident was ever solved but over-heated fuel tanks and bad wiring sounds good enough to me.
  4. Yes I remember this as well. Seems the center wing tank was empty of fuel except for fumes. There was even talk of filling empty fuel tanks with inert gas (nitrogen) to purge any oxygen from the tank. The 747 sat on the ground for several hours with the Packs (Air conditoners) running. On a 747 the AC units are under the center wing tank and speculation is that the Packs heated up the fumes which in term were ignited by a spark from a fuel pump. I recall yanking fuel pumps out of planes right after this happened and replacing them or inspecting the wiring for proper insulation. On
  5. On an airplane the tail and wing are built like a box. There is what is called a leading edge that is attached by fasteners (screws) to the front of the wing or tail section that provides the curved surface that provides lift. Some screws were left off of the tail leading edge and my co-worker signed off the paper work as complete. The leading edge on one of the tail sections detached causing a loss of control. It was easy to miss as the screws were on the top of the tail section.
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    I will have to get back to you on that one LDS. We are all aware of the Montgomery versus Eisenhower fude. I am not aware off hand of the percentage of the nationality of troops the Allies set to Normandy. Lets not forget about he Canadians either.
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    I don`t know why a thread to the 65th anniversry of D-Day wasn`t started. We have all seen Saving Private Ryan and I can only imagine the balls its took to get off a Higgins landing craft and be thrown into pure unadulterated white hot metal hell at the age of 19.
  8. Air disaster interest me. I am familar with cargo planes as I worked many years on UPS DC-8 cargo planes. A 707 is very similar to a DC-8. UPS lost one a few years ago due to a fire caused by lithium batteries. Air lines are much more careful now to cargo they carry because the Value Jet disaster caused by oxygen generators. I wasn`t aware that an jet crashed with no jetsom found. That is interesting. You can fly with confidence as the lavs (toilets) now have smoke detectors installed.
  9. He lost his FAA certification (license) and was reduced to paper work. The nightmare of working in aviation.
  10. Yes I hope they solved this and prevent it from happening again. Not to many air disaster go unsolved. Except maybe the TWA 747 that exploded over Long Island Sound in 1996. Air disasters are terrible. People get killed. They will never reconstruct this jet and must reply on the black/orange boxes if they are ever found and any information sent by the jet to Air France headquarters. I once worked with a nice guy who was blamed for an accident where several people got killed.
  11. We will never know. You can survive. A young girl once survied a fall still strapped in her in seat. The human brain can survive up to four minutes without oxygen before brain damage begins. I remember the mid-air collison as well. Thats different as you are most likely to be killed by the collision out right.
  12. Mine does as well. This is how the accident first gained my attention. A young woman and her husband from Lafayette were on the flight. It was on the local news. She had just graduated college and was probaly enjoying a vacation. This is just so sad. They say you are more likely to get killed in a car accident that flying. I can`t imagine the horror of being flung from an aircraft and plunging into cold sea water.
  13. Good, if Recife is 3.5 hours away then they were in cruise mode and probably enjoy the drinks and a movie. This is just horrible. My heart goes out to the victims. In fact there was a couple on the flight from Lafayette, Louisiana which isn`t far from me.
  14. brspled, as I have stated, I have just begun to keep up with this accident. I didn`t even pay attention to which way they were flying I see they were over the Atlantic and not far from Recife. I don`t know how far that is from Rio but a jet usually gets high and reaches crusing altitude fast. If you have flown you know they climb out fast and gain altitude to save on fuel. I dont know how far it is from Rio to Paris but even if its 5-6 hours away, they would have hit 30,000 feet fast. Regardless of the minor details this is still a horrible accident and should not have occured.
  15. Ok so they were on their climb out. Same difference.
  16. Hypoxia is lack of oxygen. Blue in the face like I get when reading your post. For Christ`s sake spats. Were you a blue baby? Were you wrapped up in the unbiblical cord? That would explain a lot. Seems this jet was miles away from its destination and not even beginning final approach to Rio. They would have been fast and high. I also read there was suspected icing with the pitot/static sytem which provides critcal readings on data such as airspeed and altitude.
  17. Too many to list but by category. Drama The Warriors Forrest Gump Good Fellows L.A. Confidential Full Metal Jacket The shawshank Redemption Scarface The Green Mile...Wild Bill stole this movie...My bags are packed! Gladiator Platoon The Godfather Bonnie and Clyde or anything with Gene Hackman Gone With The Wind The Wizard of Oz...not so sure if this is drama Lord Of The Rings-Return Of The King Comedy Revenge Of The Nerds...yea I know but this is a good movie. Up In Smoke Bad Santa Home Alone Fast Times at Rdgemont High Trading Places Dumber and Dumber Back To
  18. Yes and the service ceiling for the jet is 39,000 feet. Thunderstorms often top 50,000 feet. Could they have flown around, this is all speculation. We will probably never know. As far as the passengers passing out, I don`t know. It depends on how high they were, where oxygen is low. I think you would fall a minute before getting back in air thick enough to breathe. And yes the black/orange boxes are designed to emit a signal for 30 days.
  19. I haven`t kept up with this much, but I assume the aircraft was an A 330. The US Airways flight that ingested geese was an A 319/320. A smaller aircraft and not used for trans-Atlantic flights to my knowledge. As far as the "black boxes" goes, they aren`t black any more, they are orange for visiblity There are two, a Cockpit Voice Recorder and a Flight Data Recorder tucked neatly near the tail when they are most likely to survive a crash. I am not sure if they are digital or still analog. I have work in aviation many years and can`t imagine why the pilots didn`t fly over or around th
  20. I guess some one finally did Kill Bill. RIP Butterfly. You will be missed
  21. No need for plastic when you already look fantastic. Unless you are recovering from a camel spider bite.
  22. Chuck Norris and The Total Gym.
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    I love these guys.
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