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  1. Speaking of Night Ranger, wasn`t Brad Gellis (my sic, didn`t check with the wiki) the descent guitarist who has a brief stint with Ozzy before/after Night Ranger?
  2. Why thankie for you response, Sharon. Jack Blades, wasn`t he hooked up with Night Ranger? Too bad that whole early 90s gig with Damn Yankees seemed to get drowned out in the cacophony of Grunge.
  3. Whats gwoin` down ZFF, besides Paris Hilton. ZFF, can I call you zeffy, rhymes with hefe, Spanish for the boss. Being from Tejas, you already know that. I hope I didn`t come off as correcting you, a fellow rocker. With your connections and cornucopia of knowlegde about music, I am unworthy. Apologies if I did! Rock on!
  4. L 7 thinks he has ruffled a few flight feather with an opinion. Its not easy being cheesy and perhaps L 7 should develop a bread scale, because they took my bread at the box office. L 7 thinks Star Trek was the best thing since sliced bread. In honor of cheesiness L 7 changes his avatar to Chester the Cheetos Cheetah
  5. It was ok when JTK went skate borad ninja and stoled the vintage Sting Ray, but on a side note, another thing I didn`t like was the 15 minute explanation of James Tiberuis Kirk`s birth rights before the opening credits. I think the next time I see it twice will be on late night cable.
  6. I`m sorry I hurt your feelings Rover Boy with my honest opinion of this waste of celluiod. Now Rover, roll over and let me rub your tummy, make it all better. I lied, I loved the movie, beam me back to the cinema, Scottie.
  7. Hoz-zit gwoin`LFF. Caught Styx in 1979/80-ish in Alabama, (sorry, not sure of the exact year- a bit hazy) Tommy Shaw is from Montgomery, Alabama and I didn`t think if he was a funding member of Styx. I thought he joined later. Tommy Shaw had a cult following in Alabama being raised on cornbread. Styx to your ribs! Well anyway, Styx never was my thing, airy and sappy with all the ballads like Lorelei, Come Sail Away and Lady. Styx reached its crescendo with me with Blue Collar Man. Great guitar solo. Did Tommy Shaw play that? Tommy Shaw can play but what the hay was he thingin
  8. Sad Lodi/Who'll Stop The Rain-CCR Life Without You-SRV Don`t Dream That Its over-Crowded House Happy Brown Sugar- Stones
  9. I found the movie average at best. The Spock character was good and the sexual tension between Spock and Uhuru was unexpected. John Cho of Harold and Kumar fame was passable as Sulu The Gay Blade. Captain Kirk, McCoy, Scottie and Chekov- Jim Carey imitations at best. Captain/Admiral Pike was an old episode still unreolved. The movie was predictable and just an hour and a half big screen TV episode. Ripped off to many scenes from much better movies to count. From Thelma and Louise to Terminator. On my scale of cheesiness 0. Limburger, a real stinker 1. Velveeta, fluffy and
  10. L 7

    Pig Jokes

    Ned does have a real "prudie mouth".
  11. L 7

    NFL - SEASON 08!

    I just hope for your sake if he can`t catch the ball with his hands he can catch it with his big mouth. T.O. Does that stand for time out or trash out as in what his every other team had felt about him?
  12. The Stand The Red Badge Of Courage The Catcher In The Rye The Executioner`s Song The Grapes Of Wrath
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^ I saw this on Frontline last night as well. Horrible how these people were treated after just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think the correct name is Uighurs. They were declared not a threat, had their lives destroyed, lost their families and held for 8 years. Now no one knows what to do with them. I think the US should let them come here and bring their families. We at leat owe that much.
  14. I guess they gave you grits then. Or worse, those hash browns that only Waffle House can f*-up. Scrapple sounds wonderful! Is it true that only Yankees put mayonaise on a hamburger?
  15. Down South, nothing on a pig goes to waste, face meat for barbacoa, chittlins (chitterlings) for sausage stuffing, blobs of fat in head cheese, the fried skin for chicharrones and cracklin` corn bread. Yummy! What I really like is pickled pigs feet, eat `em and spit out a knuckle bone! You can even get pickled pig lips. Pig lips go along with mountain oysters and any form of reptile (yeah, I know, tastes like chicken) that I just can`t eat. Yet.
  16. Gotta hand it to Peter The Wolfe. I would be sleepless to if I was divorced from Faye Dunaway.
  17. Damn, didn`t get it. Seems I have been sucked into the spats black hole. Spats, thats Latin for head like a hole isn`t? How many different words can you make out of spats? ass sap sat-(on his thumbs) spas-(tic) when it come to women taps-(out in the love ultimate cage fight) at-(home alone...again) apt-(to be a loser for life) past-(failures) asp-(take it from Cleopatra) pass-(on the check) Anymore?
  18. I swore I wouldn`t even read this thread anymore but hair of the dog is alcohol.
  19. Kudos to Utah. I thought `Bama had a chance until the pass interference call where the Utah defender grabbed a wide open reciever by the back of the shirt. If you can`t catch `em cheat. All down hill here from there. I wonder how many Utes went on Bourbon Street last night? They don`t drink do they? Who has played in a record number of Bowl games? I can`t hear you, what did you say? At least you guys still have O.J.
  20. L 7

    Pet Peeves

    Well Dr. Phil-Me-Full-Of-Bull says I don`t have to take the The Video Professor anymore so I`m just gonna have a big bowl of mocha ice cream and wait for that Dell Dude to come back! DUDE, YOUR GETTING A SERIOUS BEATING!
  21. L 7

    Pet Peeves

    Just when I thought he had gone away.
  22. Yes, Must Have Got Lost is a favorite of mine, along with Freeze Frame. I saw them once in Montgomery, Alabama in 1976 or `77 (having a senior moment) with Mother`s Finest and Foghat. My partners and I were the first ones in and they had tables turn on their sides to block the stage. We leaned on the tables, drank beer and burned a little rope. I know I shouldn`t say that here, but even the old cop sitting in an chair behind the tables told us to "twist it up". Lord, I had to pee by the time it was over. All the bands were great! Need a little help with a song, not sure if J. Geils
  23. Wondeful eats aren`t they middlezep and Manders. Almost forgot to add another favorite, fried oysters, but they have have to be battered in cornmeal. No raw for me, its like swallowing a lugie. YUCK! Those things can kill you espcially when havested over a sewer pipe. I even like the canned oysters on a saltine with mustard. I eat them when I need my daily dose of mercury.
  24. I am sure he will. Too bad he can`t ctach the ball with his big mouth.
  25. Liver and onions and fried okra. Who can eat a pineapple sandwhich? Make the bread all soggy. A catfish sandwhich with ketchup is great!
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