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  1. I really like Steely Dan but I have to admit AJA was the most over-played recording since Hotel California in the late 70s. You couldn`t escape Deacon Blues, Josie, nor Peg. Favorites are FM, Do It Again, Show Biz Kids and of course, Reeling In The Years
  2. My favorite NFL team is who ever hands The Dallas Cowpatties their asses. Can`t think of a more deserving, over paided team to sit out the play-offs except The New York Spankies. I dont feel your pain.
  3. No, not you doc, that would bring the pucker factor to negatvie territory.
  4. A bush with poison berries. Remember the Tony Jo White song that Elvis covered?
  5. Does poke salat (polk salad) count?....
  6. Yea and I cat stand Hagee either. He can suckle a baby rhino from his man-boobs for all I care. Seems he forgot Jesus wore sandals.
  7. I have seen Kiss three time. I remember when I saw them in Birmingham in Jan. 78 and Paul Stanely yelled out in his fireman`s hat....BIRMINGHAM!!!!!!! I went to school with a chick who was a Kiss freak and when we went over to her house to smoke up, all she talked about was saving up for her next KISS LP. That must have been about 1973. Loved those four-finger lids! Detroit Rock City is one of my favorite movies.
  8. Why thankie `thar nine lives. Hope you had an extra life added for that useful link. I remember Selena`s boutique on Broadway in San Antonio and how they made fun of Yolanda on 99.5 KISS FM in San Antonio. The cops should have let her pull the trigger. I have seen the statue in Corpus Christi and remember to this day how she was shot in the back in the Days Inn in Corpus. Bled to beat, poor thing. On a side note, just inside Broadway off Loop 410 is where Woody Harrelson`s father killed Judge John Wood.
  9. Cant say that I have heard of her, but I am very familair with your neighborhood. That area has really exploded. I used to pass that way on my journeys to Kerrville and Lake Medina. You live near Fiesta Texas. Love The Scream. You can see The Scream on 1604 for miles. I really like Tom`s Ribs on 1604 by that idiot Hagee`s church. There was once I comedy club just off De Zavala Road. Dont know if its still there and I had good friends from California that lived in the Springfield sub division off of De Zavala Road. Rock on `til your sox drop
  10. Its gwon` just fine ZFF. I see you spent some time In San Antinio. I lived most of my adult life there, mostly on Nacogdoches Road. I even met the guy that sold the gun that killed Selena at A Place To Shoot. He didnt want to talk about it to say the least. Even met George "Iceman" Gervin at the check out in Alberstons at 4 AM...Dont ask. Maybe we crossed paths on the Paseo del Rio or all the concerts I saw at Hemisfair Arena. Too bad its torn down now. Been shit-faced at Dick Last Resort more than once. edited to add. Doug Sahm of the Sir Douglas Quintet recently passed away as we
  11. l always loved TDN since I bought Mama Told Told Me Not To Come on 45. On a side note The late Hoyt Axton wrote Joy To The World and Never Been To Spain. He struggled with drug addiction and wrote the Steppenwolf classics, The Pusher and Snowblind Friend as well as Ringo Starr`s No No Song My favorites (et al) are Out In The Country Celebrate Shambala New Been To Spain Family Of Man One Man Band An Old Fashion Love Song Can do without Pieces Of April The Show Must Go On Liar Black And White
  12. Me too jabe, maybe he has a Bungle in his Jungle as well. Makes me Cross-eyed Mary to just think of it. Unfathomable.
  13. Yes and the worst was when a friend of mine got his hair pulled and beaten by a big drunk red neck with a chew of Red Man at a football game. To this day I regret not gutting that mother fucker like a fish with my buck knife. I just stood and watched because it was about 10 of them egging it on. I regret not throwing down and getting my ass beat too. He got killed a few years later in a car wreck coming home from a concert.
  14. Things were tough down South during that time. If you had long hair, you had better have a George Wallace sticker on the bumper of your pick-up next to the Rebel flag license plate. Better yet, Yosmite Sam mud flaps.
  15. Nero shirts, forgot about those. Reminds me of Naru jackets from the period. My friend wore one to Red Neck Tech, where I went to school, and almost got a serious beating.
  16. Those are as funny as the Hispanic lady who couldn`t read English to fillout the birth certificate. Male or female. She named her baby girl Female which rhymes with tamale.
  17. I got my first pair of green bells bottoms in 1970 and damn did I get laughed at when I wore them with penny loafers. There was some really bad fashion in the early 70s. Mini, midi and maxi shirts. Tie dye and stove pipe pants. I didn`t realize plaid came in some many patterns. Gotta admit I really loved the HOT PANTS! We love short-shorts! I dont have any of my vintage clothes left except my polyester disco shirt from 1977.
  18. I have always loved Frank. My favorite is his duet with Nancy. Something stupid
  19. A balmy 78F in South Louisiana after a foggy morning. You couldn`t even see the cypress trees on the bayou.
  20. Iran-Iraq War. The U.S. armed Saddam to the teeth to kill Iranians.
  21. I don`t watch much TV but... Jamie Pressly-My Name Is Earl Laura Prepon-That 70s Show-Hot Donna Flicks Anything with Gene Hackman Linda Blair-The Exorcist Arnold-Terminator Sirgorney Weaver-Aliens Adam Sandler-The Wedding Singer Cheech and Chong-Up In Smoke Sylvester Stallone-Rocky and First Blood The whole cast of Full Metal Jacket Gregory Peck-To Kill A Mocking bird
  22. L 7

    Bettie Page R.I.P.

    Funny there Dr. Deisel. I did get a red neck sun tan from the emo baby behind me at the fast food drive though with his/her one million candle power headlights. Thank gawd for the rear view mirror. Is Wendy`s chili hard to clean off of a windshield? edted to add. What was the name of that 70s band that did New Olreans Ladies? Saw them open up for Heart in the late 70s.
  23. L 7

    Bettie Page R.I.P.

    Yes she was quite the icon, the only thing better was the Sears and Roebuck catalogue and National Pornographic. Sorry for the busted link...like the phone in my limo. ON YAHOO
  24. Seems our favorite pin-up girl has moved on to that big calender in the sky. BETTIE PAGE
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