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  1. I noticed by the end of the 1980 tour Bonzo had shaved his beard off, only had the mustache like he did in the beginning in 1968. He still had a full beard when the tour kicked off though.
  2. There's a pic from 1975 when they were rehearsing for the '75 American Tour and Plant is sitting behind Bonzo's amber Vistalites.
  3. Bonzo: I plan to go fishing after the concert.
  4. I presume he used this drum kit on LZ 1: I really can't seem to get a straight story on that one as well, in "Thunder of Drums" it mentions him as using a green sparkle Ludwig set, although with either a 22' or 24' inch bass drum, during the beginning days of LZ. I have also seen pictures taken during the '68 US tour of him playing a drum kit in Black Diamond Pearl finish. ETA: that "Ludwig" he's playing is actually a Slingerland it appears...
  5. Of all the songs on that album, I find myself listening to "I'm Gonna Crawl" the most. To me it's also kind of a sad song as well, knowing this was the very last album from them, and in about a year Bonzo would be gone.
  6. I happened to read an article somewhere John Paul Jones read the book and was upset with Cole on how he potrayed Bonzo as in the book and needless to say, the two are are no longer on speaking terms. Jimmy also wasn't pleased with the book as well.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but from LZ III to ITTOD did Bonzo use his green sparkle Ludwig kit on all studio recordings? Reason I am asking is it was reported in about 1975-76 he bought a silver sparkle Ludwig kit, and it was used on "Presence" and ITTOD. I have also heard stories on him using a North/Stacatto drum kit on ITTOD as well. I know for a fact Bonzo used his natural maple kit on LZ II, I have seen pictures in the Thunder Of Drums book of him playing it in the studio.
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