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  1. -They only released Black Dog. It looks amazing and we all wait with baited breath for the rest to be released!- Is there any way to see this? Also, what was the audio like? Thanks
  2. Yeah thanks man, the you tube clips are great but i wish i had the whole show as one. Anyway i think Plants voice is amazing, he is in really great form.
  3. Hi guys, i have seen heaps of clips on youtube of the page plant 98 show at the Bizarre festival, and i think its a awesome show, i was hoping one of you kind fellow zep heads may have a decent version of this show on DVD (or VHS). Even if its not the exact show, any good shows from the 98 tour would be madness. Thanks.
  4. Not angry at all man, just saying that anything is possible - whether its a concert cd/dvd or new studio album - but i would not hold your breath...
  5. Its always possible
  6. i am pretty sure page has said that he has an album worth of solo stuff, so there is no reason a little work with jones and plant and presto a new zep record...
  7. Without JPJ Zep would have been nothing, same goes for all 4 of them, they each just as 'needed' as the others....
  8. I think he played better in the 02 gig than seattle 77
  9. The article was in a mag called 'Audio Technology' issue 59 (Feb 08) i am pretty sure its just an Australian mag, but who knows it might be out there in the rest of the world...
  10. After watching the 02 show a few times and comparing it to a 77 show i have, i have to say the 02 show was better overall. Jimmy may not play as fast or as long as he used too, but what he was playing made much better musical sense in the 02 show. Roberts voice was great all show and jones and jason were rock solid.
  11. I finally got my hands on a decent DVD of the show, and yeah its good - the first few songs are a little rough round the edges but after that the band was on fire.
  12. Nick C

    Zep in 77

    On another look the show is pretty cool, its my first bootleg so i am only used to seeing the official DVD's...
  13. Nick C

    Zep in 77

    Yeah i mean i was not a bad show by any means, it was just not great. I don't mind a joint but i think they hit the shit (not just weed) a bit too hard...
  14. Nick C

    Zep in 77

    Hi i recently got a copy of a seattle 77 show and i was shocked, jimmy is hit and miss, and robert sounds uh, not so good. What the hell happened between 75 and 77 that shook them so bad? Was is too much drugs or what. Dont get me wrong i love Zep, i am hoping it was just a bad night...
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