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  1. I have pre-ordered both albums at acoustic sounds but I see now they pushed the release date back to May 20, 2008 . I highly suggest that you pre-order these as they will likely be sold out rather quickly particularly if any tour does happen. MinnesotaZepFan In response to the price of vinyl. Much of it is no more expensive than it was 25 years ago (considering inflation) but the 180 gram, 200 gram "supervinyl" and half speed pressings have always been high buck. The MSRP for MFSL 180 gram albums was $24.99 many years ago and the 200 gram Anadiscs were more yet. The UHQR were for the
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    I emailed the folks at XM to express my displeasure at their decision to take XMLed off the air. I suspect a number of others have done so as well since they are now talking about it coming back "later this year". I encourage all XM subscribers to contact them so they know how popular the station was with its listeners who pay them. MinnesotaZepFan
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