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    I'm a flea bit donkey,<br />All my friends are junkies,<br />I'm glad your a donkey woman too!
  1. and yes you guessed, person no 2.

  2. Does like a bit like Ozzy huh? Lucky man with that wife he has too lol. donkey
  3. You outta hook up with the dude who thinks Ramen Noodles takes 15 minutes to cook 1. Alert ambulance 2. Alert Fire Brigade Go for it.. d nkey
  4. I nominate Snoopy run for President since he's about as qualified as any of the rest of these gits and nits running currently. Wont 50 USD and 1000 votes get him running? donkey PS Steve A Jones would know, whaddya say Jonesy?
  5. Hiya, Gotcha! Mine are locked up because there are too many little ones in the family running about. Same goes with many of the others in my fam. If you check in they may have you put them in the safe... We had a family member run off with one once, rob a store and wind up way out west. Was not real old at the time... Cheers, donkey
  6. Well, your keeping is in suspense...?? donkey
  7. I love it too. Fortunately shrub cannot be prez again. However if I had to vote today, I would vote republican...odd but true. Facts of life are... 1. Everyone and everything is/are replaceable. 2. Everything is either business or psychology no matter how you look at it Well, I think there may be a third, but I will let the m ms add that one. donkey
  8. I am new. I had no idea about political threads. This one is about any thing U.S.A. Not one thing, anything. Now the donkey may make a little better sense to some lol. Where's the G.O.P thread? BTW, I vote either way...could still go democrat or republican. I will see Cheers, donkey
  9. And will be an Attorney one day soon. Hee. donkey
  10. Meet me in Euston Station. I will be the donkey pulling The Virgin Train The 2.5mil sterling will be in me saddle bag eh? Cheers, donkey
  11. I'm with you on that one Spats. Lookin good Manders Danders donkey
  12. Something to the effect of your twats in a twist as far as I can recall. donkey
  13. We dont worry about petty issues. Life is too short and I am a chef..
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