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    I'm a flea bit donkey,<br />All my friends are junkies,<br />I'm glad your a donkey woman too!
  1. and yes you guessed, person no 2.

  2. You outta hook up with the dude who thinks Ramen Noodles takes 15 minutes to cook 1. Alert ambulance 2. Alert Fire Brigade Go for it.. d nkey
  3. And will be an Attorney one day soon. Hee. donkey
  4. I'm with you on that one Spats. Lookin good Manders Danders donkey
  5. We dont worry about petty issues. Life is too short and I am a chef..
  6. Oh boy, Anyways....I need to tend to other matters like my hot date and something for us for dinner. I think I will do filet, baked potatoes and strawberry pie with whipped cream. "What's that about the cream darling?" donkey
  7. Quit looking at me donkeys in that tone of voice?
  8. Hobo meal. One or two hamburgers... A sliced onion A few diced carrots One or 2 small potatoes quartered. Worcershire sauce (2-3 tablespoons) Wrap all up in foil and bake at 375-400 30-45 minutes. Easy fast, just fold up whats left in foil and toss, easy not much clean up or prep time donkey
  9. Whew! Could someone please open a window. donkey
  10. Then why comment to me or about me when its not "referring to me." As far as the pic goes it was taken when it was taken and the "truth is." I've never heard of you in my life. So why are you going on at me? donkey. PS I had to block you out of my PMs already and I just joined So there's the truth oh "Pepperminty Fresh One." I have been listening to you bickering at me since I joined. Do they have Diazepam where you live luv?
  11. Hiya Shiela

  12. I will straighten the truth out if you wish oh pepperminty FRESH ONE...
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