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  1. McQueen shooting up the cop cars in "the Getaway" McQueen floating off at the end of "Papillion" Eastwood driving through the liquor store and shooting the punks. DeNiro shooting that guy in Heat at the Motel. Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon outside the bank Vivian Leigh in Gone with The Wind shooting the Union soldier many scenes from the Godfather and Godfather part II Winslett in Titanic at the end and many more
  2. Ok. So please. Translation? Your take? I now have a migraine from reading this.
  3. Oh where oh where has my little thread gone? Oh where oh where can it be? Poof! Zap! Abracadabra!
  4. The catalogs are always jacked up. There is a store here called the House of Guitars. The owners are millionaires. You can deal with them. 4 yrs ago they said I could walk out with a LP Custom, brand new, for $1700. And they were retailing at over $3000 then. I know I can get one low $2000's at worst. Bot not at Guitar Center. I dont know where you are or what stores you have. Its differant from place to place.
  5. FYI.. Every time I try and be nice to Electrophile she tells me off. So what am I supposed to do? I get the blame. But nobody says anything to little ms Queenie about her nastier than a rattlesnake attitude. Must be that Georgia air. And as for Mandy(forgot the spelling-sorry) the redhead, I have never been mean to her. In fact have talked to her very little. I posted a damn recipe the other day. I post stuff on the musicians forum as I play the guitar. I have alot of people here that DO like me believe it or not. I wont mention their names for fear of getting them on your bad side. And have I
  6. Gee. I wonder why there are so many arguments with Electrophile??? could it be because she is combative? I know so.
  7. Thanks. I didnt think she would answer. Classless. It only figures she is a Yankees fan. I would expect nothing less. It kills me how these people cant cheer for their home team. they live here or there but cheer for teams states away. I will cheer for Buffalo til the day I die. Sabres and Bills. Becuase they are the HOME TEAM. That is the way it is supposed to work.
  8. Well I certainly want the LP standard. Ill settle for a lower watt Marshall. You dont need to knock the walls down with a stack unless you are playing Madison Square Garden. I really love the Gold color. Its like going into battle with these salesmen though. They all think they are fucking Page or Clapton because they have a job selling guitars here at the big stores. I am taking Guitar Center off my list. They are pushy and pricy. Its tough to find anything good used in adds. Ive looked. I think It will cost me about $1700 for a standard. Maybe a hundred or two higher at most.
  9. You are a Yankees fan??? I would have thought you liked Atlanta. I dont mind Atlanta. I only hate the Yankees and Twins. And thats because they replaced the Orioles as our parent team here after decades. Cmon Electrophile, I know you hate my guts, but who is your team???
  10. Do good? What is your definition of do good? to them do good is win the series or nothing. and they shall not win the series or the division.
  11. To you Leafs fans.. You guys and girls buy lots of tickets down here to the Sabres games. Knowing that the Leafs are out, wouldnt you rather see Buffalo win tomorrow and get in? That way, you can come down and watch playoff games. Would you rather see Boston make it? After all, at least we play the Canadian National Anthem at every game. Even if a Canadian team isnt playing that night. GO SABRES
  12. Well if she doesnt make it the rumour already is that she will be the next governor of NY State. But dont count her out yet. Every day iis a new day. She will win Penn. and I dont thiink NC is impossible if any more trash comes out on Obama. And lets not forget Florida. Something can still happen there with the count. Hillary is the only logical choice. Ill stand by that.
  13. I live in New York State. And I hate them with a passion.
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