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  1. Steve as always it has been to long. That said is there anyway to assist the admin on Jimmys site in correcting the errors?
  2. Guitarists -Jimmy Page -Duane Allman -Jimi Hendrix -Jeff Beck -Prince and i would also add Mick Taylor Drummers -Neil Peart -John Bonham -Mike Lee -Keith Moon -You pick my last.... Regards Cav
  3. Hello Steve, as always its a pleasure. Happy New Year to you and yours. I agree that the "pro hunter" has and is a problem, but in truth i wonder what Jimmys opinion is about the fans in general. I know there are the crazys who are everywhere he goes but in general.If i were a man in that position i would sign everything. If the reason for not signing was they sell it on ebay well limit it to one per for a time limit and really who cares what they get considering these stars get millions. Kind of like throwing a bone to a dog. Also the more you sign the less its worth. Back to my point,
  4. I was just wondering if anyone here may feel that as much as we respect and admire Jimmy Page that there is a slight chance that he may not be that nice of a guy? I mean i have never met the man and some here who have say he is amazing to meet. With that said it seems that video of him even today or in the past shows a guy who does not look like he has much time for fans. To tell you the truth i have never seen him sign an autograph and his dear friend Mr Halfin has stated that Jimmy does not like to be asked for one. Everytime i see him leaving or coming to any place in video he just brushes
  5. I have a 2005 Gibson les paul "Jimmy Page Custom Auth". My Pride. I have that with my "SUHR" 30 amp which i will say is as close to the Orange ad30 as you will get without the cost. Cav
  6. lol.Thanks for the welcome back and the kind words Steve.I hope to be around more in the future if time permits. Cav
  7. Thank-you everyone for the replys.Steve nice of you to add a touch of your insight as always.Its been too long since we have talked.That said everytime i hear this track it sounds like a young Jimmy Page to me, i don't why but it does.Even if it were Page iam sure Billy Harrison would lay claim to save face on such an amazing track. Regards Cav
  8. Just wondering if anyone out there knew if Jimmy played on "Baby Please Don't" by Them?I know his session work is vast and mixed with legend and lore, but i thought i would add this little gem to the mix. Thanks in advance Cav
  9. I have not felt the need to post on the forums in awhile, but have watched from the shadows. This article deserves a reply. I have yet to read something that sums up the current status of Jimmy Page as well as this.That said i do hope that Jimmy reads this and responds in the form of "something new".The legacy of Led Zeppelin and each band member on a individual basis has already been long established.Its time now for Jimmy to do something for the love of the music, not for public judgement.Thanks Steve once again for sharing your items/story/collections with us.Its been along time since we la
  10. Sir that is like trying to get a cat to act like a dog. No comparison in tones at all and not able to do so Regards
  11. Iam the owner of one of the 500 or so that were copyed off of Jimmys Les Paul and everytime i pick it up images of Duckwalks, Dragon suits and Zoso amp cabinets fill my head. That is priceless to me.Maybe one day i could have the honour of Mr Page signing the pick guard for me.Considering how Ross Halfin has said Jimmy dont sign to often getting his autograph may be alot harder to buy/get in the near future. Regards
  12. In referance to the above posts the signed Page guitar is only one of 25 that were made played numbered and signed by Jimmy himself. They were also aged, and copyed down to the smallest detail from Jimmys actual #1.Thats why the price is so high.That said a Jimmy Page autograph on a piece of paper or a picture would not fetch as much as say Hitler.Its the whole package on this item that draws the cash. Regards Cav
  13. Cav

    Any news?

    Just wondering if Jimmy released an info about future plans while at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame this past weekend? Cav
  14. Steve before you posted this clip i had stated that i believed Jimmy was having some tech problems.This video tends to support that so thanks.Not only did he hit the foot pedal it looks as though he steps back and has a listen to the cabinet to see if the right sound is coming out.The sound he may have been looking for would be that dirty sound you get from a les paul when you want to solo.This may be evidence of the "double shooter theory" Regards Cav
  15. After watching the performance i felt Jimmy conducted himself in a respectful manner.To me this was a time for Jeff and Kirk to display there skills, which they both did with great skill.Not Jimmys to be self indulgent. Funny no one has mentioned the fact that Ronnie also did not break into a solo.Lastly on this point aside from the "strap malfunction" no one has mentioned the fact that after Jimmy was repaired of this problem it seems that Jeff turns his back to the crowd and puts his hands in the air. He walks tothe back of the stage which leads me to believe that there may have been more of
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