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  1. Indeed :D Glad you're back! It's very hot in Russia too...so when I look at the last posted photo....aah... :wub:

    Guuhhhhh, that last photo!! Though I've seen it a kajillion times, I can't help but drool!! :wub::blush:

  2. Ah...we Do need coolin'.... :D

    Ooooh, WHOOOAAAAAAAAAA!!! Yay!! Maureen, I'm finally back after being way too busy!! And all those new Robert photo have been the best solace after a nasty break-up!! :angry: WHOAAA!!! :D We need coolin'... Watching Robert Photos when it's 35 degrees outside is a very dangerous combination, don't ya think? :D

  3. And some more...




    Sorry- I have noticed that I posted it in the wrong thread- it shoud be posted in hot Robert pics- sorry!! :D

    OK, I got DOUBLE HEART ATTACK HERE!!! Robert is way too dangerous!!!! :D

  4. OMG!!! Those are incredible :wub::wub::wub:

    Attention ladies, here some captures of Rob doin´"Since I´ve been lovin´you"



    The expression of his face.... oh...!!!




    HOLY SHIT!!! :o I....h-have....no...words!!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

  5. and i have Robert of '73 on my mind, but with an unhooked shirt...cuz it would be a great pleasure to take it off him by yourself))))))))))

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, yeah!!!!!! Ah, Robert, you make us so naughty!!! :D

  6. *faints* please, caraful what you say..... :D mmmmmm.....OMG i would LOVE it SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! And I write all this having that yummy Robert of '69 on my mind, bare-chested...****sigh*****

  7. .......but still i'd rather inven a time machine, u know :rolleyes:

    Agreed!!!! :D The time machine is the BEST idea!!! That way, we will HAVE young, sexy, innocent, yummy ROBERT!!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:

  8. F*CK!!!!!!!! absolutely the same years as i choose!!! :yay:

    Oh, yeah!! :thumbsup: Because in those years Robert's sexyness was in full force!! Though Robert is almost 60 and he f*cking remains so, oh, so SEXYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yay:

  9. ...and then? :D when everything is over, will it be enough for us? i personally wouldn't like to let him go..... :rolleyes:

    BTW, in which year would you like to get?)))

    I wouldn't want to let him go either!! I would ask him a ...second round, ROFLMAO!! Well, as for the year, I'd prefer 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1975 ...I don't have a problem!!! :D

  10. hmm...let's think...at first, we must find or invent a time machine, ha?)

    Certainly!!! :D And then approach Robert and ask him to ...lay us down!! AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! :D;)

  11. oh yeah...on sooner he smiles and/or looks at you with him bright blue eyes than you forgive him the way he tease you...

    Hell, yeah!! *sigh* Ah, Robert does bring beauty in our lives!! :D

  12. me too :D yeah, i couldn't agree more! a gift from Heavens, exactly...i wonder how one man could have just everything! someone is handsome, someone's exeptionally sexy, someone's charisma etc. But Robert is just in every way the visible personification of absolute perfection...a gift from Heavens. and what a voice...and the way he moves....it's childish sometimes but so sexy....he teases all the time, being unaware of it...or probably he does know what effect he produces....but he looks so innocent, as if he didn't know how sexy he is!!!

    Hell, yes!! *sigh* I think Robert knows how sexy he is, and he knows that even his INNOCENCE is sexy!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  13. I fully understand you! even now i admit jimmy is more handsome that Robert but Robert is more sexy, more amazing, more shoking and irresistable! when i look at jimmy i'm like "well, yeah, quite a handsome guy, plus the greatest guitarists i have ever heard" but when i look at Robert, he takes my breath away and i'm simply like " ... " :D

    Well, to me, Jimmy is very appealing and all that mysteryaround his face intrigues me!! But Robert just has EVERYTHING, and he seems to me as the gift of the Heavens...Maybe God sent Robert to check whether we will be able to resist...If not being able to resist to Robert's sexyness is a ...crime, then I admit that I'm guilty!!! :lol::wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

  14. Oh, for 3-4 years, i believe) such a long time)

    Oh, really? Me, too! Once again a coincidence!! I was originally a Jimmy Page fangirl since I was 10...Then I watched a Greek documentary about Led Zep, and it had some live clips...And, yay, I said that Robert is an arrogant bastard!! 3 years ago, I watched TSRTS, mostly for Jimmy and when I saw Robert I went: "OH. MY. GOD.!!" I was stunned and fell in love with the guy I once called him like that!! How come I hadn't realized all these years that Robert is so ...SEXY? :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

  15. Welcome, dear!!!! have fun!

    Oh, i have recently written a report about Greece)) ha, i do know everything about it now B) and i'm also 18 and i have been a Zep fan since i was 6-7, so we have something in common :D

    Oh, thank you!! You've been a Led Zep fan since 6-7? That's AWESOME!!! Oh, well, let me ask you, how long have you been crushed on Robert? ;)

  16. I have hair like that, not nearly as curly as yours but still really curly. I used to straighten it, but I quit because my curly hair is so much more me. It makes me stick out in a crowd and I like that.

    Well, I have curly hair, and when I was in high school, I would always straighten it, just like you! However, now Robert makes me comfortable with my curls, haha!! Furthermore, I like it now more, especially when my friends play with my locks just for fun!! And yay, I understand what you say, I have the same feeling!!

  17. God, should I narrow it down to ONE song? I voted Heartbreaker (it has just a glimpse of Jimmy's guitar mastery, and I love Robert's vocals on it), but I also love Whole Lotta Love and the Lemon Song (because they're both naughty and cheeky, haha!), Bring it On Home (very COOL riff) and Ramble On (WONDERFUL lyrics and very ...inspiring, hehe!!)

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