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  1. Haha, yes! I was ...whistling, amazed by Robert's beauty, but, seriously, I can't fool anyone, I ain't good at lies!!
  2. Oh, yes!! And when I said that comment about arrogant Robert, my dad (who influences me heavily in my classic rock madness!) told me giggling: "Haha, well, alright if you say so...But someday you'll change your mind!!" So, when I saw Robert at TSRTS I said: "OMG...he's so damn beautiful!" And my dad replied: "Hehe, you now fell for the guy you once called "arrogant bastard"!" So, I exclaimed: "Oh, me? When did I say this?"
  3. Oh, hi, to you, too!!! Your name just sounds so good!! :-)

  4. Fun facts about me: -My name's Georgia, but people call me Gina or Georgina -I'm 18 years old (and I'm reaching 19 on July, yes!) -I'm a 1st year student of Greek Litterature, as I want to become a Litterature teacher. -I'm from (and still live) in Athens, Greece. -I'm 5' 1''. -I've loved Led Zep since I was 6! My first crush was Jimmy Page! When I was 10, I was watching a Greek documentaire about Led Zep, and it had an assortment of live footage. When I saw Robert, I said: "God, he seems too ...arrogant!" And on 15, I watched TSRTS for the first time and I instantly ...fell for Robert
  5. I'm from Athens, GREECE!!
  6. Haha, when I first heard the song I went: "Gosh, is this song ...dedicated to me?" (I was 12 then.) And then (3 years later) I learnt that Robert said the naughty bit Evster2012 mentioned! What a coincidence!!
  7. And think that my name is Georgina!! Did Robert sing such naughty things about ...me? ROFLMAO!!!!
  8. And think that <b>my</b> name is <b>Georgina</b>!! Did Robert sing such naughty things about ...me? ROFLMAO!!!!
  9. Though his expression seems a bit ...funny here, he's so ...ADORABLE!! Thanks for sharing, chell!
  10. Welcome Igor! I'm new here, too! I have loved Led Zep since I was 6, when my dad used to put "Led Zeppelin III" on the pick-up with the speakers up! Now I'm 18, and my love for them is endless!! Glad to meet you!
  11. Robert's open mouth=AWESOMENESS!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. plant_girl

    Robert's Hair

    My God, you have such wonderful hair! My own is wavy, but I don't have your curls! I'm so jealous!
  13. Oh, thank you very much, dear!!!
  14. Oh, thank you very much, dear! Glad to meet you!!
  15. Oh, yes, with Internet you have the chance to chat with people you'd otherwise never have the chance to meet! Oh, I'm happy to hear that about Athens! As for Jimmy, yay, he's yours, hehe!! And thank you for welcoming me!!
  16. Oh, Rolling Stones "Paint it Black"! Oh, I know it's off-topic, but I wanted to say I'm a newbie (I just joined!)...I've been lurking here for ages, and today I got the ...courage to join! I've been a Led Zep fan for many years!
  17. Hello from Greece, fellow Led Zep-maniacs!! I've been lurking here for ages, but just today I decided to join!! Yeah, I've been loving Led Zeppelin since I was 6, and I've been a Robert fangirl for 3 years! My first crush was Jimmy Page, haha! I'm here to share the fun with you, lovely people!!!
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