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  1. zepscoda

    I Really Miss Ronnie James DIO...

    Excellent read !!!
  2. zepscoda

    2018 NHL Season

  3. zepscoda

    2018 NHL Season

    Watching the game now... D'Angelo nailed Okposo with a hard right.... that was a shot!
  4. zepscoda

    2018 NHL Season

    I missed last nights game, damn DVR didn't record it either ... watching Rangers rewind now, but of course I know the score because my buds were blowing my phone up with each goal...lol We needed that win, but still way out of the wildcard. Rumor has It that Zuc is going to go to the either Montreal or down here to Dallas. I'd hate to see him moved from NY, but if we can acquire some defense I'll take it. Current Wild Card standings as of this morning:
  5. zepscoda

    Big Head Todd and the Monsters

    The opening band last night was The Main Squeeze. I didn't know anything about them and was very pleasantly surprised. Hard rock meets P Funk is the best way I can describe their vibe. Jeremy Lawton of the Monsters sat in on lap steel during their last tune. A kick ass rendition of Whipping Post. Big Head Todd's set was rocking and they didn't waste any time bringing some of the guys out from The Main Squeeze. Third tune in thier singer Corey Frye and Ben “Smiley” Silverstein jumped in on the keys for a tight ass cover of Bill Withers , When I'm Kissing My Love. I managed to take a quick vid of that. They closed the show with Ace of Spades , that took everyone by surprise. Might be the first time they did that, certainly I've not seen it appear on the setlist before. Great time, with great music and a side of gummies 😎.... a perfect Saturday night!
  6. It was a Hot show, I'll post the set list and stuff over in the BHTM thread.... you're down in Austin? Have a great time, that's a party town !
  7. Big Head Todd tonight , Dallas House of Blues!
  8. This will be beyond interesting, can't wait to hear and see footage of this. JPJ never ceases to surprise!
  9. zepscoda

    RIVAL SONS, from Los Angeles

    After 10 years of singing his ass off, Jay Buchanan's voice is showing no sign of declining. It almost seems stronger than ever....
  10. zepscoda


    Thanks !
  11. zepscoda

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    The golden age of monsters facebook page is reporting that Julie Adams has passed away at the age of 92.
  12. zepscoda