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  1. I think what the fans here are trying to tell you, that they are not belive anymore for rumors and none rumors, because a long time they wait for reunion and there is not one but only 02 Arena. I wish the guys will preform for a long time, but nothing, so i'm not expect for that. I spoke here a lot about it, but people were laugh about me and said that it won't happen ever. I'm still hoping.
  2. We all wait for that, but is it can be? A reunion? I think the whole world want's it.
  3. So as i understand, there is no chance for a reunion of the guys, not now and not forever.
  4. I said that a lot of time at this forum, but nobody listen to me. I wish they will do a reunion all over the world.
  5. Yes i know that, but i speak on a real one, without somenoe will die to remember him, ya know.
  6. Is any one can say about a real reunion? Is there any chance for that once in a life time? A lot of rumors zero reunion.
  7. Hi Deborah, I know Zep is in your heart forever, also to me Zep was, now & will be in my heart forever. I know also all the fans here & out this site love them, otherwise we all weren't here at this "Zep" site. Of course STH is my #1 song in my heart, and i wait for them next reunion if it will be. I just say we can speak at the future as well as we speak at the past. Maybe the guys will hear us here, and give one or more concerts for old days.
  8. Thanks to all the posts. i know zep can't be anymore, and i know there is no future only past, but i think the posts needs to be "now & the future", and not only at the past. I just asked why to speak only at the past? B.T.W: I understand everybody speak at the past beacuse they miss to the guys (i'm also miss them when they were together) and to the times zep was #1.
  9. So we need to split 30 years ago also?
  10. I see everybody here speak about Zep at the past, but what about the future?
  11. So if they know we missed them, can they give us one more reunion tour of them? We all love them & want them back as a band.
  12. That's great. I see the fans made a good job. There is a lot of fans in the world who waiting for the zep guys to play again.
  13. Seriously, i know that everybody here laughter, but as i know a lot of fans wanna see the guys in action together on stage. So maybe a tour will be in the future.
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