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  1. Hi all....went to the show last night in Dallas. It was awesome. I squeezed my way to the second row in the center. Robert and his band were so good. To be honest it sounded very much like LZ. I am not a musician so please feel free to ad your opinions. It did not seem like the show was sold out. It was very hot in there and we were dancing up a storm. Robert looked great and his body was rockin. He had a special performance by a gentleman I think from New Orelans (could be wrong..vodka tonics were going down to good) he was great. All in all best show I have seen in years. I am p
  2. If you don't have ADHD it would be great!!! Ha ha....With all the access to music on the web and CD collection I personally would not need to have it. I update my I Pod regularly and save to different playlists. I am sure this is of no help to you....sorry.
  3. You are correct!!! I heard it several times throughout the day on 92.5 KZPS....I do love it....better than the studio version.
  4. Please read the Letter with RP and Allison Krause. Love the lyrics....beautiful song
  5. I would think the average age would be members of AARP....a club you do not want to rush to join. Ha ha
  6. I would not marry any of them but I would have coffee with Robert or Jimmy. From their past relationships it does appear that RP and JP get bored easily and are off to the next new thing. JPJ would be the marrying kind and JB from what I have read. But who knows...really. People assume things that happened years ago....I would hate to be judged on some things that happened so long ago and you really do not even remember. Lets face it if we had the choice of mates that they have it would be hard to be in one relationship!!!
  7. I recently found a vintage Storm Trooper hat like JP wears with his boots, white pants, etc. How cool is that....okay don't be jealous. Now if only JP came with it. I think that will be my costume I will send a pic...or maybe not. Nobody can rock that look like JP!
  8. The show was great!! People in the audience were clapping and cheering.....all ages. My favorite part of the movie was when Jason kissed his tatto looking up to his father. Also loved JPJ and Roberts cowboy boots....its a Texas Thang!!! I still loved Stairway to Heaven (ok I admit it was our prom theme back in the day)....like JP says the music keeps building up like a orgasm....I am sure the song brings back memories to most of us. Kashmir was awesome....I wish they have played Going to California and Tangerine. I enjoyed the show and Roberts ass looked great also...oops sorry wrong th
  9. WTF R U Kidding me......You would take time to respond to roll eyes???? I mean it for myself as being such a proscrastinator in planning things. Pardon me if it offends you I have not posted in two years now I remember why.
  10. THANKS HOTDOG....That is a really great site with alot of info on the latest happenings. Much Appreciated http://www.stargreen.com/
  11. Hey Strider....thanks for the tip. I really can go any time so I am trying to at least get to see one good show. Indecisive as usual.....last minute planner. I have checked out the festival sights and there are so many to choose from. I probably should have gone in the summer. I thought maybe some of you Brits may get concert news earlier or even last minute appearances before us here in the good old USA.
  12. Congratulations Richard.....great job. I will put it on my calendar. Maybe RP will show up....rumor is he is living in Austin or maybe permanently visiting
  13. I am planning a trip to London in the near future and was wondering if anyone knew of some great concerts or any music/entertainment? i.e. Foo Fighters/Black Crowes....wishful thinking. Maybe something that our favorite LZ members may be appearing. I can go anytime so there is no time frame but I would plan around it if a great event was happening. Any information would be appreciated. Feel free to pm me..... Thanks for all of your help!!!
  14. Hey Hey what can I do?????

    1. slave to zep

      slave to zep

      happy birthday dear! xo

    2. Bitchin Soul

      Bitchin Soul

      Thank you so much for remembering?? Is congratulation in order...did you just get married????

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