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  1. Please read the Letter with RP and Allison Krause. Love the lyrics....beautiful song
  2. Hey Hey what can I do?????

    1. slave to zep

      slave to zep

      happy birthday dear! xo

    2. Bitchin Soul

      Bitchin Soul

      Thank you so much for remembering?? Is congratulation in order...did you just get married????

  3. has not set their status

  4. HE'S BACK!!! Hey Ev thanks for the pictures.....without the GAGA! LOL Just what I needed. Also where was that last picture taken. What a great shot. BS
  5. I'M with you. The last time I listened to it my sink overflowed and I flooded the whole bathroom. Took me 2 hours to get up all of the water. Bonzo is infectious even in spirit.....like he was in life! ( I hope infectious is a word......also spelled right). If not Spank Me!!! Bad Girl
  6. Hey Kanook:



    Just returned from visiting your beautiful state - I assume you are from Hawaii. What island? Best wishes in the new year!

    Bitchin Soul

  8. Hey Mr. Knuk:

    How are you? I just want to tell you that everytime I see your picture I think it is Spats. I do not know why. Great hair.....no I am not a cougar. You are a cute Junior Mint. Eh?

    Stay Warm


  9. OOPS! Is is like Mexican Carne Asada then. What time is dinner? Mojitos for you.
  10. Huh? What is an ASADO. Is that like making an "ass" out of yourself?
  11. Burrr its cold out there freezing my ass off
  12. So now you are the Soup Nazi? Ha Ha Very Funny you chuckster you!
  13. And the last time Dzldoc had sex. (Oops I wasn't supposed to tell)
  14. Pringles Brazilian Wax or Natural Fro This one is for Dzildoc since his thread got hijacked!
  15. I took my husbands "baby" out for a spin without his "Permission" 2006 Carrera S Porsch. Sweet! The pickup on it is unbelievable. Told him I left the lights on my car so it wouldn't start. Ha Ha He didn't buy it. What good is a car if it sits in the garage? I do not understand this thought. P.S. 1/2 is mine LOL PP.SS. He called me a thief.
  16. Hi Al

    Stay save in the Gulf. Loved all of your old family photos. Quite the looker eh?


  17. Hi

    I love your avatar pic. Is that your dog? Beautiful

    Bitchin Soul

  18. She Blinded Me with Science Micro Popcorn or regular pop (machine or kettle)
  19. treadmill thong or commando (LOL) probably applies to females but on this forum you never know A man in a thong??? YUK???? GROSS!!! I do not want to know
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