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  1. snave

    Oh No here we go again!

    Maybe a load of old bollocks but he certainly doesn't need any publicity for his festival , 175 thousand tickets sell out every year within an hour of going on sale without any bands who are playing even being announced .
  2. Indeed it will , going to be epic , still keep calling it the Odeon though , old habits die hard , chin chin
  3. Tickets booked , row k ten back from the stage can't wait to relive that O2 magic in the same room again with Jimmy , Robert and John , nearly as exited as I was back in 07 ha ha
  4. Bloody hell , how many times is it possible to watch a 1 minuet 3. second clip on YouTube ? I'm 50 next month for god sake !
  5. I havent been this exited since December 10th , 07 ! ha ha
  6. heard this on way home from work on BBCradio 2 drivetime-and thought i would share. for those interested her album catch a tiger is pretty bloody good too. chin chin http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00tkxdn
  7. snave

    Glastonbury wants you

    Meh , grumpy old men or what ? Of course it has changed some for the worse but mostly for the better and Amazingly there are loads of under fortys ( some wno even like to sit on there partners shoulders ) who love zep as much as you or I. This will be My 23 Glastonbury and long may it continue . Love and peace maaan
  8. snave

    Glastonbury wants you

    God what a dream that would be , come on Planty put your artisic integraty to one side , give Jimmy a bell and fire up the Zeppelin.love to all down at the cider bus, 4 weeks to go !
  9. What a day , can still feel that cold wind coming off the Thames, can still feel the butterflies in my stomach, what a day indeed .
  10. . So back to planty at glasto , who will he bring along to to the party ,who else out there will be at the cider bus for a pint of hot and spicey come June next year ?
  11. OH YES ,let the rumours begin and guess who has got his ticket !!!!
  12. At this years Glastonbury festival at a Q and A forum on the last day the owner Micheal Eavis was asked who he wants to headline for next years 40th bash ,with out hesitation he said he was working on the Smiths and Zep, but not to hold your breath as he tries for these two every year.A big dream from mr Eavis I reckon but hey at least he is having a go. chin chin .
  13. Been thinking about it all day today.This is a copy of the email I got telling me I had won tickets for the gig !!! HI Martin Congratulations ! Please find confermation that you are the winning bidder for Planet Rock Led Zeppelin charity Auction in support of the Ahmet Ertegun organiseation. You have won 2x passes and entry to the 02 lounge on Monday 10th December to attend the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert to see Led Zeppelin. You will need to collect a voucher from Gcap Media in order to redeem your passes at the 02. As discussed with your partner I will leave your voucher in reception for collection on Monday 10th December. To gain access to the event you MUST take the following 1) your voucher 2) A copy of this email 3) photo you will not be aloud to enter the event without these If you have any questions please feel free to contact me Have a great time ! Best regards jacqui I had won a reverse bid auction where the lowest bid won the tickets,so for the gig of a life time I won with a grand price of .... £2.69 !!. We also got to go to the Warner Bros after show party that hat a free bar . What day, what a band , what a hangover
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