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  1. Thank god for guys who are regular guys. It's all these weirdos wrecking everything. zepbaby
  2. Whatever it is your on could you upload it through my DSL? "ohhhhhmmmm." zepbaby
  3. Ohhhh hell yeah...I love juicy steak recipes. Ribs too, oh gish my belly is growling already zepbaby BABY!
  4. Hiya, Thread for usual and unusual love stories. I've heard some really cool stories about LZ fans especially. I hear someone has donated a free forum to help with the 'clears throat,' very unusual posts. It would be located thusly. http://lovethread.netfreehost.com Cheers, zepbaby
  5. Awww, She us so cute. Was she catching snowflakes with her tongue? I remember doing that as a kid and feeling the snowflakes hitting my eyelashes. zepbaby
  6. zepbaby


    Do you work around any magnets? zepbaby
  7. zepbaby


    Lorus. Ten years and still ticking. zepbaby
  8. Does anything you say ever make sense? zepbaby
  9. The ERA was never meant to be. 1. It was taken wrong and written at the worst possible time. 2. They tried to make all men look like idiots or cavemen. 3. It turned American evolution back at least 100 years. 4. Now all a woman have to do is scream discrimination or rape and your doing 15 years to life. I believe in equality but not by oppressing others. Work within the constitution. Dont write amendments and legalese until it no longer makes any sense. Women? Dont ride the fence if you want men to take control and then turn when it's convenient. Stick to one thing or the other. We
  10. T-Bone///slurp. BBQ Ribs yummy. zepbaby
  11. Just a bit of fun. Love the VIRGIN trains there Cheers, zepbaby
  12. That deer one made tears come to my eyes. The Trunk Monkey zepbaby
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