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  1. GREAT videos! I'm not even a drummer (I play guitar), but I sat here and watched your entire video about the "2:35 fill" during "I Can't Quit You Baby". I absolutely love that fill, and I air-drum it every time I hear it. For what it's worth (a guitar player's dumb opinion), I think you're right about the bass drum in that fill. It does sound naked without it.

    Damn. Now I wanna dig my drums out of storage. :lol:

  2. Don't have tabs, but it's really simple. Em to C. Slide up the E scale on the D-string, picking the open G B and E strings. C chord in first position picking the E F# and G notes on the high E-string, pulling off. The wah part is on the 7th fret, modulating from the E to the C. Hope that was helpful. :beer:

    Evster has it right on the money! But, if you're still interested in the tab, here is a fairly accurate version of it:

    Led Zeppelin - San Francisco Solo Tab

    Hope this helps! B)


  3. Whats up buddies?

    Decided to join to talk to other lovers of Led Zeppelin, so i'm just gonna shoot around til I know how it works around here and feel comfortable enough to become an active member!

    Welcome to the forum, Astrosmoke! I used to live in Wrightwood for seventeen years before moving to Vegas.

  4. When Jonsey was playing keys, mandolin, or guitar, he played the bass with his feet using bass pedals. They're basically a set of enlarged piano keys which can be played with the feet. When stepped on, they play the bass note.

    Watch the video at around 5:50. You can see Jonsey make good use of his bass pedals. B)

  5. Great minds think alike! :D

    I've been doing the same thing with one of my acoustic guitars until I save up enough money for a mandolin. I've been "mandolinizing" my Kramer Ferrington, which has a nice cutaway, which makes the higher frets easier to play with. B)

  6. in your personal opinion what is the best wah out there? i am fighting between the VOX V847 and the Dunlop Cry Baby Classic. i dislike the Cry Baby orginal for some reason.....

    From just the video alone, I definitely like the Dunlop Cry Baby Classic a lot more. For me, the Vox is too shallow and doesn't have as nice of a wah range as the Dunlop has. The Dunlop certainly has more of a Jimmy sound and vibe than the Vox does.

    Just my two cents. :D

  7. You gotta remember, Robert Plant isn't just speaking words, he's SINGING them. Sure, if Robert and I were in a room face to face talking to each other, I'd be able to know exactly what he's saying, but when he's singing, especially in the style he sings in, sometimes words escape the bounds of pronunciation and become more of a melody. On top of that, some phrases in the English language, when sung, sound very similar (i.e. "groovy leather trim" vs. "good electric"). Maybe that's not how it works in Russian music, but in Western music, I can assure you, that's the case.

  8. TSRTS isn't much help, but the Earl's Court videos are where you can find your answers...

    Basically start with the neck pickup, volume low. When you reach the part, just before the band comes in, where you are sliding the D shape between frets 7 & 9 (high inversions of G to A chords) you start to roll the neck volume up with your little finger. In the split second before the band hits you flip the selector - the bridge pickup has been at full volume, waiting for this moment...

    Actually, just off the top of my head, I can't remember if he flips to Bridge alone, or bridge & neck, but the principle is the same. ;)

    huw has it right on the money. B)

    For the solo, I believe he has the switch in the middle position to achieve that more nasally sounding tone. He also clicks on the Echoplex for a little slapback delay to give the solo more of a spacey texture.

    The ending is the same as the beginning...Jimmy uses the neck pickup and a lower volume.

  9. The acoustic set from Seattle, June 19th, 1972 is definitely one of my favorties. The mostly complete version of Black Country Woman is fantastic. But I have to say, The Battle of Evermore was an absolutely epic song live.

  10. Wow, this is a really tough choice to make. But, I think I'm going to have to go with Dazed And Confused. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the solos Jimmy pulled off in No Quarter. In fact, his solo from the TSRTS version is one of my favorite Jimmy solos. But, to me, the drastic dynamics and hard-hitting jams during Dazed And Confused are pure musical genius. I get chills when they start jamming on The Crunge during D&C on How The West Was Won. B)

  11. It's an app called "Wolfgang's Vault" and its free, so you pennypincher people can have it, too! :D

    Haha! All I download are free apps. I'm pinching those pennies pretty hard these days. But, I'm sorry for hijacking your thread. Back to the topic...

    I was not there at the show, unfortunately. But if I had a time machine, you bet your knickers that I'd be there in a heartbeat. B)

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