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  1. What app is this?! I must download it!
  2. Can't we all just be happy that Jimmy Page was on stage happy and healthy performing old classics with his good friend Jeff Beck? Or must we over analyze his performance to death? It's getting pretty ridiculous.
  3. 1. 1974. 2. Early 1990s? 5. 38. 6. Hohner 7. 1952 8. DGCGCD 10. Edward Alexander Crowley extra credit: 11. Ernie Ball Super Slinkys. 42, 32, 24w, 16, 11, and 9. I keep a set on all of my guitars.
  4. And here is where JRomero throws Dr. Death a curveball: The Danelectro you have pictured above must have only been used post-Zeppelin. Either that, or the pickguard was changed. Here is a photo of Jimmy using his Danelectro at Earl's Court for In My Time of Dying: The pickguard remains the same. Here are the possibilities: 1. Jimmy used the same Danelectro for In My Time of Dying and Kashmir during his days with Led Zeppelin, and used an second one later on his Outrider tour. 2. Jimmy had two different Danelectros from In My Time of Dying and Kashmir during his days with Led Zeppelin, and changed the pickguard on one of them for his Outrider tour. 3. Jimmy had three different Danelectros.
  5. What's this VHS technology that you talk about?
  6. It is a 1952 Fender Telecaster Bass used from 1971 to 1975. Some more info is found here: Led-Zeppelin.org Cheers!
  7. So.... is anyone going to agree with me that Jimmy used the 12 string neck on his Gibson EDS-1275 for Celebration Day in 1971?
  8. JRomero

    New photos.

    Fantastic photos of Mr. Jimmy Page! And if Ross reads this thread, too..... Love the photos! Thank you very much for sharing.
  9. I really love the fact that Bonzo's "fantasy" sequence isn't actually a "fantasy." That was his real life! That's how he actually lived! Farmer, construction worker, car collector, father, husband by day. Hard hitting God of Thunder by night!
  10. Ms. Blair, I have a VERY hard time convincing myself that your magnificent works are drawings. Oh, what I would give to have talent like that. Absolutely superb job. I too would love to see more!
  11. It's going to be a long drive from Nevada, but I'm going to try and make it, Steve!
  12. I love it when stuff like that happens! One time, I was playing the opening riff to Achilles Last Stand on a Jimmy Page edition Les Paul. Just as I stopped to adjust my amp, a guy across the store took over for me and played the main riff.
  13. I like how you capitalized Thank You. I'm not sure if you did it on purpose, or if it was the magic of Led Zeppelin in you taking over.
  14. I do understand the seriousness of the decision to wear such an offensive hat on stage and how much it upsets people, but give the poor girl a break. Not everyone is familiar with the exact uniform Nazi stormtroopers wore. I'm sure she saw the photo once a long time ago and couldn't recall exactly what kind of hat he had on and had no intentions of offending anybody.
  15. Led Zeppelin has rocked Houston a few times...
  16. I believe I read that the band did not think that the song flowed well with the rest of the album. I think that if space was an issue, the band would cut another song from the album and leave the title track on there.
  17. Sounds like an amazing experience! I frequently visit my local Guitar Center. They have a Jimmy Page edition Les Paul that I just love playing. They also have THREE Gibson EDS-1275 double neck guitars there, too! Two red ones like Jimmy's and a white one. Another store that I frequent is Sam Ash. They also have a few of Jimmy's guitars over there. But the most amazing thing they have there is a Ludwig limited edition Stainless Steel drum kit exactly like the one Bonzo used from 1977 onwards. Only a true Zeppelin fan can appreciate something like that.
  18. I found these two photos in the photo section of this website: The first photo is from Hawaii and the second is from Dundee. Both taken in 1971. Although, the first photo seems to show him using the six string neck. Also, check out the the last portion of this video, just after the Moby Dick segment: LedZeppelin.com - Videos - Houston '71 Taken from an interview with Jimmy Page in Guitar World Magazine, circa 1993: I hope this is enough evidence.
  19. Darn! I forgot about those performances! Let me refine my question: When was the last time Jimmy used the 12 string neck on his Gibson EDS-1275 double neck to play Celebration Day live? He used to do this in the early seventies, but I'm not sure when he stopped. I believe there is a video floating around of this, as well.
  20. When was the last time Jimmy used his Gibson EDS-1275 double neck to play Celebration Day live?
  21. Not to mention all of the fabulous encores from Los Angles like "Louie Louie" and "Thank You"!
  22. This is a fantastic post. Anyone here who doubts John Paul Jones' talent, have a listen to Houses of The Holy. His bass and keyboard work on that album are just as IF NOT MORE vital than the guitar, drums, or vocals. Selected John Paul Jones bass listenings: The Lemon Song How Many More Times What Is And What Should Never Be The Immigrant Song The Ocean Achilles Last Stand
  23. John Bonham's bass drum... I cannot describe with words how amazing it sounds.
  24. I took this from Jimmy Page gear guide found at the top of this forum: And from what I understand, Jimmy had the custom wiring job done after Led Zeppelin disbanded, anyways.
  25. My rule is to always meet the person at a public location (ie. Starbucks, a local pub, etc.). There are a lot of creeps out there, but be careful and sort through the obvious B.S. posts.
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