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  1. I have two recordings from this show. One is a partial soundboard and the other is an audience recording. The soundboard contains a recording of the Immigrant Song, while the audience tape claims that the Immigrant Song was not played as an encore that night, and was added in from a different show. The mystery continues...
  2. When was the last time the Immigrant Song was performed live? I've heard conflicting things... some say it's late '72, some say it's early '73. Anyone know for sure?
  3. For the Led Zeppelin 1980 Tour Over Europe, Jimmy used two Telecasters live. He had a brown 1959 Telecaster with a B-Bender, which was used for Hot Dog, and a 1966 olympic white Telecaster with a B-Bender, which was used for All of My Love.
  4. I'm gonna have to go with 7/24/1977 when he sang on The Battle of Evermore for the last time. That could be considered a lead vocal, maybe. So, before that, I would say 5/25/1975 when he sang backup on Tangerine.
  5. The goal of this thread is to answer questions of when things we're last done live by Led Zeppelin. Here is my question to start things off: When was the last time Robert sung Over The Hills And Far Away live like he did on the album?
  6. Haha, yeah! It does sound like "big ale" or something of that sort. I think it could just be Robert's pronunciation of "Get down!"... something like "Geh day-uwn!" And that jam section is really amazing! I love it when Bonzo starts hitting those 5 rapid beats on his snare. Another thing I have a question about... On some bootlegs I have of Led Zeppelin, Robert sometime says, "Thank you very much, top." I can't figure out if he's saying "top" or "Tom" or "ta". I believe I've also heard Paul McCartney say it a few times, so maybe it's a UK thing? Thanks!
  7. Dazed And Confused on How The West Was Won... Between 24:15 and 24:17 into the song, Robert says something that sounds like "Get down!" I'm just curious if anyone knows what he says. Kinda small and insignificant. Thanks!
  8. Hahaha, yes! Exactly like that! And then during the ending of the song, I always rapidly turn my body towards my passenger and exclaim, "PUSH!!!" I'm a bad driver.
  9. That's very true. Although, I always run off the side of the road because I'm playing Jonesy's clavinet part on my dashboard instead of holding the steering wheel.
  10. I think it's just a case of Plant not remembering all of the verses. Although, I believe he always got the first two verses correct. He seemed to like repeat the "Groovin' on the freeway" and "Feather light suspension." I think I remember an instance at Earls Court 1975 when he sang, "Factory air-conditioned. Konis couldn't hold." A prime example of mixing up the verses, too.
  11. JRomero

    LA Drone

    I'm actually the person who wrote most of that article. A fellow Zeppelin fan/Wikipedia editor wrote the part about Jonesy playing the drone on a Hammond Organ in the key of F#. From what I've read so far, would it be safe to assume that the drone was produced by Jimmy playing an acoustic guitar with a violin bow? There are similarities between the LA Drone and the beginning drone of In The Light, and I know that Jimmy used a bowed acoustic for that song. A huge thanks to all of the people who have posted information in this thread. It is greatly appreciated.
  12. JRomero

    LA Drone

    All I really know about the LA Drone is that it was used to begin Led Zeppelin's shows for the second half of their 1972 concert tour of the United States and that it was written by John Paul Jones. Does anybody have any more information about it? Any info is much appreciated, Jason
  13. The Immigrant Song live was one of the most amazing and powerful pieces Led Zeppelin ever played. I have heard many live recordings of this song, and I have loved them all. But one thing that I have NEVER seen is a video of a performance of this song. My question is: Does a video of Led Zeppelin playing The Immigrant Song exist? I would truly love to see it. Thanks, Jason
  14. I found some clips on YouTube to demonstrate what I'm talking about. The first clip is Kashmir. Please scroll to 3:04 and watch. http://youtube.com/watch?v=_aBGn0ym9uk The second clip is Achilles Last Stand. Please scroll to 8:45 and watch http://youtube.com/watch?v=TcW8F91dZO8 Robert says those phrases during every live version of those songs that I have heard.
  15. There are two things that Robert says live that I cannot completely decipher. The first is at the end of Achilles Last Stand. He shouts something to the likes of "I got to!" with the "to" repeated by echo. The second is in the middle of Kashmir, coming out of the I've been Flying section. He shouts something that sounds like "Oh! When I'm talking to ya!" Does anyone know what Robert really says?
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