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    philosophy, photography, music, travelling, film criticism, writing/poetry, drawing, reading, martial arts, women.
  1. haze

    Photos !

    uh, it's a bee? and last time i checked the planet, earth. i just thought it looked cool really, plus i've been experimenting with my new 36mm lens.
  2. haze

    Photos !

    was randomly roaming around my estate the other week and came across this, thought it was rather interesting to some extent, hence i took a snapshot.
  3. well it's just my personal perspective, to each our own i guess... the only recent album i've really heard is modern times. i enjoy his vocals in modern times. despite the fact he has brilliant classics which i enjoy, specifically and particularly 'like a rolling stone' ' hurricane' 'forever young' ' mr tambourine man ' ' subtarranean homesick blues' etc. the conclusion of my post is basically, don't get me wrong but i do love a large scale of classic dylan song's but i think some vocally are just plain terrible and mediocre. my favorite of his newest material is definitely 'thing
  4. i feel obligated to agree with the comments in this thread regarding bob dylan vocals. his vocals have improved by a large amount over the previous 40 years...
  5. well, for a start my usual un-abbreviated screen name is sinhaze. the primary definition of haze is commonly referred too as a cloud of smoke. and sin, is more than obvious. and very self explanatory. i decided to combine the two to make it attain some particular extent of mysteriousness. awesome story right, dudes?
  6. if jack the donkey helped you, would you help jack the donkey?
  7. george bush jr is definitely my favorite president ever, the man's just so intelligent......not. sorry guy's and gals, that was a bad joke. bush was one of the worst mistakes the u.s ever made. to even class him as being a president of the united states is a complete and utter joke, there's a rumor that he secretly had clinton doing all of his major work for him and contemplating and deciding on difficult decision making processes. i think it's all retarded and just plain stupid if you ask me. personally. i think clinton was without a doubt a far better president, both intellectual
  8. haze


    alcohol and the occasional toking 'n' smoking of marijuana tends to help balance me out. nothing like herbal remedy.
  9. haze

    The Man Thread

    youporn does the job efficiently for me dudes.
  10. things have changed by bob dylan. it's just so darn catchy. i love the rhythm.
  11. haze

    The Car Thread

    i've always quite liked Bentley cars. especially in convertible edition. or the BMW M3 Concept edition. it's beautiful. images provided below. i can totally see myself cruising in one of these incredible vehicles sometime in the near future. please note the intended sarcasm... (if you've seen the extensive amounts these thing's are priced at) \o/
  12. I dig the doors, they made seriously good music. my favorite songs are definitely: break on through light my fire roadhouse blues indian summer blue sunday the spy love her madly hyacinth house end of the night riders on the storm the end love street love me two times hello, i love you backdoor man you're lost little girl strange days people are strange alabama song wintertime love five to one ummm.... the list goes on.
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