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  1. And it brings smile to my face when I turn other fellow music-lovers to great bands I find out about (and vice-versa). Anyway, looking back through old e-mail I'm amazed I found the link (with video) since it was stacked in the lengthy news summary and could have very, VERY easily have been missed. CLICK HERE BTW, Led-Head, is that " (links to video) that Roger is taking on with the Wii in the pic in your signature?
  2. I began this thread 3+ months ago after hearing mere recordings of these guys. This past Monday night, I saw them LIVE in Washington DC at a TINY venue with probably less than 10 dozen people in attedance--if that. They are GREAT! To see such awesome talent in such a tiny venue was a rare treat indeed. I am pleased that some have been inspired to add B.D.S. to their music collection but for those who doubt that these guys can ROCK THE HOUSE, all I can say is GO SEE THEM LIVE and you will be moved. I took my 14 year old daughter and it was our very first time out to see live music together. She loves them as much as I! When I was 14 I was into LZ, Clapton, Johnny Winter, Allman Bros, Hendrix, etc. (when they were all under 30), and it's great that the next gen can carry the torch and appreciate those who do. p.s. Guitarist Danny Knowles was wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt (with design I've never seen before--and I thought I've seen them all) which reaffirms where his sentments lay.
  3. COLLECTORS mostly...not musicians. They buy and hold them just the sane as people do stamps, coins, high-dollar guns that will never be fired, etc. Something pretty to look at once in a while and hope to sell at some future date for a huge capital gain they won't have to report to the Taxman
  4. Other than certain vintage classics I'm sure most us us would all agree on, I'll say just about anything made by http://www.monteleone.net/ http://alembic.com/ http://www.yanuziello.com/ A mandolin by Gilchrist Oh yeah, almost forgot: a Dumble amp
  5. THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY: The showdown at the cemetery as the close-ups of the trio's eyes keep getting closer and closer while Ennio Morricone's masterful score adds to the tension and suspense.
  6. Nice to see someone else who links to the druglibrary.org Here's rant I often share in forums: Legalize Marijuana or Repeal Prohibition? Personally, I prefer the latter because when people hear the “L-word” it evokes horrific images--propagandized by grandstanding prohibitionists--of Cannabis vending-machines alongside lockers in the halls of our nation’s schools, aggressive advertising campaigns targeting young people, every third driver on the highway with cotton-mouth and blood-shot eyes looking at everything but the road, and a surge in chemical dependence amongst the masses and so on. All these are myths fabricated by the people whose careers are dependent on the ever-growing bureaucratic, law-enforcement, and corrections infrastructure which has a 70-year track record of failure with no end in sight. Alcohol Prohibition was bad policy back in the 1920s and Drug Prohibition is even worse policy now. People wrongfully assume that it was first outlawed because of the “will of the people.” It was not. Harry J. Anslinger, a disgruntled—and racist—Treasury agent after repeal of alcohol Prohibition desperate for job-security, pushed it through Congress with negligible debate. Witnesses opposed to his agenda were screened out of what few hearings there were. There was NO floor-debate whatsoever. A bureaucrat’s bureaucrat, he was head of his fiefdom for over 30 years. I realize many people have their opinions and do not wish to be confused by the facts but, for those interested in learning more of the facts, I recommend these sites: http://jackherer.com/chapters.html http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/LIBRARY/histdrug.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_J._Anslinger If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. Support: MARIJUANA POLICY PROJECT - www.mpp.org
  7. The killings at Kent State were the precursor of what was to come: The Rise of the MILITARIZED Police State in the US under the guise of RICHARD (I) M (not a crook) NIXON's "War on Drugs." "Tin soldiers and Nixon coming..." the words Neil Young sang; "... soldiers are CUTTING US DOWN!" Americans have been "conditioned" to tolerate murders of civilians by law-enforcement and the military. This in unacceptable to anyone who believes in the principles upon which the US was founded on but the government is burying those principles. What have Americans learned about the EVIL their government is capable of since then? Obviously, very little and that is SAD. Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America And to think, the politicians say it's all about "saving the children." Yeah. RIGHT!
  8. How about the 5-stringed, G-tuned Tele known to its owner as "MICAWBER?"
  9. Now THIS is what makes my day--sharing the love of music and having others take it in. You are most welcome! Better see these guys now while they are still playing clubs and similar intimate venues because it may not be long before they graduate to the arenas and amphitheaters of the circuit.
  10. In the acoustic music world, this is guitar needs no further explanation and is quite likely THE most famous dreadnought-style in the world. It is a pre-war Martin D-28 presently owned by the great Tony Rice. Its previous owner was Tony's Hero, the late, great Clarence White, who went to rock-star fame with The Byrds but never abandoned his bluegrass roots. Now that Alison Krauss is working with Robert Plant, no doubt more people will probe deeply into her background and roots. In so doing, one will readily discover the impact Tony made on her musical coming-of-age. In fact, the last time I saw her was this time last year when she went on tour with him using her fame to showcase his greatness (REF: CLICK HERE )---payback for the days when she was an upcoming teen prodigy and he was featuring her as special guest at his gigs...gigs I cherish fond memories of attending.
  11. I just got their album and want to heap accolades upon it and move this thread up front so any of y'all who've not yet heard these guys might give them a listen. IMHO, they are the best thing to come out of Britain in 40 years -- as far as blues-rock is concerned, that is. The 5-star rating @amazon.com is well-deserved: ROLL AWAY - Back Door Slam
  12. Light Fuse Get Away Widespread Panic's 6th release
  13. Like aonther poster wrote, it could change from day to day but among the best LIVE ones are BAND OF GYPSIES - Jimi Hendrix IN CONCERT - Derek & the Dominoes EUROPE '72 - The Grateful Dead
  14. I'd been a "Tap" fan since it came out but after I got the DVD with the actors'/writers' commentary alternate audio track it was like seeing again for the first time. That, plus, the all the deleted scenes that are included. If you don't have it, buy or rent it SOON.
  15. I've seen so many great bands over the years but, back in '99 when I saw Phish for the first time--not only by their own songs of which of was not very familiar but, especially, by their inspired cover of ZZ Top's Jesus Just Left Chicago. Then, when I saw them for the big New Millennium gigs in S.Florida, they surprised me with great version of Good Times Bad Times
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