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  1. Quite a lot can give new renditions to existing story concepts. Lots of good movies were released within the last couple of years that showcases that. Batman Begins, Dark Knight can start that list. But not by much. All of which comes down to what I asked earlier. Is the CGI and the technology that would enhance the movie experience the only selling points of Avatar ? Dont forget that while Star Wars bought new technology to the industry,raised the bar,etc,etc, it also told a damn good story as well. And star wars again did the same with episodes 1 to 3 where an even better story was told while using new technology at the same time. I wast dissing the technology this movie used. All I asked was is that all it offered ?
  2. No doubt the 3D effects and CGI are flawless but the story concept is nothing new. Battle for Terra did it with conventional CGI. So is Avatar selling only on the graphics and effects ?
  3. The Ace

    The Man Thread

    In this case, Agreed 100%
  4. Had the window been open, the news item might've read : Neighborhood drowned in gastric gases..
  5. To quote Coop (from Megas XLR) "The mysteries of the Universe are revealed when you break stuff." You want to have the cake and eat it ? The only way is to find your female counter part and start a relationship with her.
  6. The Ace

    The Man Thread

    any Real Men here ? http://www.sheldonbrown.com/real-man.html :lol:
  7. ah!... One night stands ? Committing to a serious relationship is something you'll have to do on your own. If you want to get in to one but is hesitant, then like someone else said, get therapy.
  8. Will be 31 in a few more months. Heard my first Zeppelin song (Stairway to Heaven) when I was 14.
  9. Stairway To Heaven ! Love the lyrics and the guitar work.
  10. Where's the choice : ALL OF THE ABOVE ? Failing that, voted for Good Times Bad Times. I like the lyrics of GTBT
  11. Oh, ok. I'm not a Nirvana fan so dunno about what they did to the song. Was rather surprised to see the song listed under their name as well in that lyrics site.
  12. found these lyrics on the net : http://www.metrolyrics.com/dazed-confused-...cs-nirvana.html Did Nirvana actually do a cover version of this song or is the guy who posted that dazed and confused ?
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