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  1. i've zig-zagged all over america and i cannot find a safety haven say, would you let me cry on your shoulder, i've heard that you'll try anything twice ...close your eyes, and think of someone you physically admire and let me kiss you let me kiss you ...and then you open your eyes and you see someone you physically despise but my heart is open my heart is open to you...
  2. well, i've been known to go out for walks and lose track of the time, only to return home to a "I was about to put out the amber alert! I'm so glad you're okay, now i'm going to kill you!" from my mom...hahaha HYE been hit on by a teacher, professor, or superior at work (or in any capacity, really)?
  3. hmmmmm...my spanish teacher got angry at me because i get bored in her class (not to be conceited, i'm ahead of the other students because i have an ACTUAL INTEREST in learning the language) and work ahead in my spanish book...oh, would she rather have me stare off into space? or disrupt the class by talking to people?
  4. I'm reading Macbeth! And um, a comparative biography of Stalin and Hiter...just some good light reading, y'know?
  5. Bang Bang by Dispatch...they are quite addictive...
  6. I touched a nurse shark in an aquarium once...does that count? Have you ever gone streaking?
  7. Shopping with my mom...my afternoon nap...history channel special on Adolf Hitler...that's about it...oh, and a new issue of Lucky Magazine!
  8. i actually went to a clothing store and asked for "jeans that robert plant would wear" (i'm a chick, btw) but i did end up with a cool pair of bell-bottoms. i know a guy that goes to vintage/thrift stores and buys bell-bottoms there, oftentimes women's, actually, as there are very few men's bell-bottoms anywhere nowadays. i wish there were more, though!
  9. i just bought the dvd performance...such a awesome 60's movie!
  10. ppl say i look like susan sarandon when she was in rocky horror picture show...my friend emma says i'm the female mick jagger personality-wise, lol
  11. one of my friends nicknamed me "mickey" b/c i have the ego and libido(according to her) of mick jagger in his heyday...the first song i play on any guitar i try out is el condor pasa...i can officially play minuet in G on the piano...my toes are painted neon pink
  12. my friend and i were offered our first paid gig(at her grandma's church.playing classical music. but still. it's a huge deal for us!!!)
  13. i bet jimmy is happy that even though he is 64 all these chicks still go crazy over him!
  14. exactly. plus, jimmy is full of talent and doesn't seem to be full of himself, like he isn't all pompous and egotistical due to his success...he seems like a very chill guy.
  15. don mclean. his voice is good, but i'm screaming for him to shut up by the end of "miss american pie". i don't know why it bugs me, but it just does,
  16. i love the doors... right now the crystal ship is my favorite song...roadhouse blues...hello, i love you....many more...
  17. i like all his jeans hot daaaamn
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