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  1. Here there are my first attempts in converting my MIDI files from the keyboard to Mp3 files on my computer. A quite bad version pf the 1st part of Kashmir /Users/beatricebergonzi/Desktop/_Kashemere_.mp3 And a really bad bues improvisation /Users/beatricebergonzi/Desktop/Blues Improv..aif
  2. I can't sleep while listening to music, I really can't! It doesn't work even if I'm completely worn out. Once I tried, but I just finished singing along with the music
  3. Bea

    Hi everybody!

    Io sto vicino a Milano! Venezia però è davvero magnifica... Say hi to Australia for me! I hope everything is ok down there. Ciao e grazie!
  4. Bea

    Hi everybody!

    Hello! I've already posted something here and there in this forum, but I thought it was better introducing myself. I'm a young Zep fan, but I listen to them since I was 10. I come from that strange country called Italy and I'm completely crazy. Thanks for reading and congratulations for this fantastic forum.
  5. I was almost 10 years old when I heard "Since I've been loving you". It seemed so beautiful to me, with that crying guitar...
  6. I've got a question: what exactly do First and Second Position mean? I've played harp for two weeks only, so I'm quite bad at it
  7. Bea

    Where Are You?

    Che bello! I'm from Italy too!
  8. Yeah, that's true. I've broken my left hand's finger in November too and it took 15 days to recover. Actually I don't care very much about Page's interests, I only enjoy his music, without looking for "obscure things". Plus, I on't believe in occult. PS: Excuse me for the bad spell
  9. Since there's a topic on drummer jokes, why not one about the others? Piano: What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft? A flat minor. What do you get when you drop a piano on an army base? A flat major. What did a piano player say to a tightrope walker? You better C sharp or you'll B flat!
  10. Hello! I "officially" play the piano, but I like to pick up my guitar, or to play my digital drums. Now I'm trying to get harmonica too. In a few words: I love Music an I love playing it
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