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  1. Just a little surprised there hasn’t been a statement from Jimmy on Charlie Watts as he did for Bowie and some others. He’s certainly not obligated but they did know each other a long time and played together on various occasions. And as Charlie’s quote illustrates, he had great respect for Zep in general, and Page/Bonham in particular. His views on Bonham are in stark contrast to Keef’s that’s for sure!
  2. Not suggesting he should’ve been a Stone, or should’ve wanted to be a Stone. Just pointing out his ability to serve the band, and the song. A glimpse at what made him so in demand as a session player IMO.
  3. Great track, and the ol’ session dog Jimmy fits like a glove. Would’ve been a great Stone if he was so inclined!
  4. Late to this party but well done! What an amazing musician, Tony deserves more acclaim..
  5. Well said. Congrats to Jimmy and Robert, glad the courts got it right.
  6. I’m guessing Jimmy was probably unhappy Gorman told this tale out of school in the first place, and even less happy Rich was forced to address it! I wouldn’t expect an answer of any substance if he’s ever asked about it.
  7. BC also clearly ended on a bad note with Robert. The interview is a good listen, most of it regards The Who as he’s been with them a really long time, but the Page and Plant stories are interesting...
  8. Heard Bill Curbishley interviewed on Bob Lefsetz’s podcast today.. According to BC, a friend of his recently ran into Page, who asked him to send his love to Curbishley, and added that he had come to realize how much good he did for him when he was his manager. Just thought it as an interesting addition to the thread, Jimmy’s many manager switches are interesting/puzzling to me, and it really seems Curbishley did a great thing for him and the others regarding their publishing rights.
  9. That is just amazing, thanks for posting! Can’t imagine how I’ve never heard that before, didn’t know Rod still had that kind of performance and soul in him by that point. And Gilmour and JPJ more than hold up their end too! 👍👍👍
  10. What a nasty, mean spirited review. I wasn’t at the Forum but I saw two shows back east and have numerous bootlegs and I have a hard time imagining his playing on that tour being “embarrassingly sloppy.” I also hate the idea that Jimmy Page was not supposed to do Jimmy Page things and play Jimmy Page things. Thank God he didn’t sound like he was trying to be “modern” I wouldn’t want him to do a “Shaken N Stirred.” Steve, where’d that Slash quote come from? Never heard that one before..
  11. I went to that the chi it at the MET, it was amazing. Would love to know what Jimmy was saying in that picture!
  12. What a cool production!
  13. Great summary! Agreed on the jam with Jaco. Tony Franklin said Jimmy and Jaco “negotiated” before that jam, no crazy jazz chords, etc. I think it’s fun to listen to Jimmy figure it out as he goes. In those days he’d jump onstage with anyone at any time, it’s why I’m surprised he’s pretty much the opposite of that now. My best guess is 1) his chops are not in touring shape for obvious reasons, and 2) he never thought something like Fanny Mae Jam with Jaco at the Lonestar would wind up on YouTube being picked apart by thousands of wannabes. Must be annoying. Outrider was a revelation to me after the abysmal Atlantic 40th performance. He was amazing, the soloing on OTHAFA alone was worth the price of admission. 98 in the Garden is a show I’ll always remember, he was clearly making a statement on that tour. Same with the Crowes, where it seemed like the presence of Audrey Freed and Rich Robinson allowed him to really concentrate on being a true lead guitarist. Finally, the O2 was terrific, especially given that it was only one show without a warmup and he hadn’t toured in years. The solos on GTBT told me right from the start that he took it very seriously. I had, and have, no doubt that even a handful of additional shows after that would have brought him back to an amazing level of playing. Shame it never happened..
  14. Wow, well worth the time, thanks for posting! The ending was really nice..👍 Now can we have Angus interviewing Jimmy at Loch Ness? 😆
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