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  1. loves Led Zeppelin

  2. your a complete jerk knebby is a bigger fan than you

  3. you are a true fan gratitudes form Virginia

  4. lol yea ok then between chosing overrated and awesome ill chose awesome
  5. nice to meet another young zep fan

    Make Music, Not War!

  6. argh cant decide between ten years gone and thank you
  7. hard choice i would say he was bette by himself but by a hair
  8. they are awesome but overrated
  9. my history teacher in middle school once played zeppelin 4 in class i also got in trouble for wearing a swan song shirt
  10. i saw Zoso last year in october looking to go again in february and i might go to ozzfest
  11. 9. Van Halen 8. Deep Purple 7. Heart 6. Iron Maiden 5. Tool 4. AC/DC 3. Metallica 2. Black Sabbath 1. Led Zeppelin
  12. Dont forget: SQUEEZE IS SOOO HARD! I remember the first time I was playing that outside of school....
  13. Top 2: Let The Music Be Your Master, do you heed the masters call? Houses Of The Holy We Dont Need No Education, We Dont Need No Thought control! Another Brick In The Wall pt 2
  14. did robert finally agree? http://winnipegsun.com/Entertainment/Music...899896-sun.html
  15. Seek And Destroy - Metallica
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