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  1. BAAM

    pheromones take me home!

  2. Bad iPhone quality! But it's me! Don't know if anyone I used to know is still on here! But heeeyyy yall!
  3. Haha! Thanks :)!! Am not too sure why I looked at your profile long ago.. hm.. may have thought you were an old friend of mine.. or saw you on someone else's friends list?

    but Hello !!

  4. Pshh I bet you've missed me haha kidding, well I've been on facebook forever and lately I'ven been talkin' to Angi =P I've been enjoying life !! thanks to both of you !
  5. ^ its me ! ^ prom sorry when i said few i meant a million =]
  6. ^^ you happen to be a very beautiful person =P ^^ Hello everyone !! I haven't posted pictures in well what?... TWO YEARS !!! So i thought it was time to post a few... haven't changed much I suppose but here I am ! ^ last day of high school
  7. Thats cool! And I'm not a big fan, I liked them when I was younger but he definitely is a looker them Hanson boys!
  8. No. Ever had soap put in your mouth as punishment?
  9. Yes HYE kissed someone in the rain?
  10. Haha I love that Satan is on the Gum Alert list.
  11. everything! I have been the happiest today than in my entire life. My friend and the outdoors made me happy.
  12. BAAM


    That's a dangerous way to think.
  13. You did a great job, that's the first gig that popped into my head!
  14. Meeting a flapper at the old folks home.
  15. ^Indeed, I almost felt insulted by it, M. Night knows better.
  16. I saw the Happening tonight and it wasn't what I expected at all. Rent it or something, but I wish I had the ten bucks back, I'd buy some temporary tattoos.
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