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  1. In Japan of late 70's, Black Sabbath was not not so popular as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. But nowadays their assenment is very high. They are undoubtly originator of DOOM ROCK.
  2. At first, Cheap Trick was typical "Big in Japan band" . But blockbuster of album "BUDOKAN" made them worldwide rockstar!
  3. For my generation (born in 1965), the movie "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" was very impressive. All guitar is played by me. rock on !!
  4. FGTH's PV "TWO TRIBES" was excellent !! Pappets of Ronald Regan and Konstantin Chernenko fighted each other !! All guitar is played by me. ROCK ON!!
  5. J.GILES BAND is superior class-B band(It's encomium!). All guitar is played by me. ROCK ON !!
  6. Already in UFO era, Michael Schenker was a super guitarist. Live album "STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT" is great !!
  7. This song must be indispensable for bigginer guitar kids ! By the way. I surprisingly like MK III'S SOTW .
  8. NIGHT RANGER was uncommon band that has two "high technical and different style" guitarists. All guitar is played by me ROCK ON !!
  9. I like "BLUSY WHITESNAKE" better than "METAL WHITESNAKE". But album「SERPENS ALBUS」is undoubtly great masterpiece!!
  10. In Japan, DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN were called "BIG 2 OF HARD ROCK" Well ,DEEP PURPLE was so understandable,that many young guitar kids were intersted in DEEP PURPLE. But from first I was dazed and cofused by LED ZEPPELIN !!
  11. THIN LIZZY's album 「BLACK ROSE」 was really masterpiece. Because of this album, GARY MOORE had been known more in Japan.
  12. If Randy Rhodes were still alive. What masterpiece he could create RIP
  13. I saw the movie 「The song remains the same」 when I was 14 years old. I will never foget its impact !
  14. I saw KISS "FAREWELL TOUR" in 2001 (Still they are playing but it doesn't matter!). Opening tune was this song. It reminded me the TV SHOW "YOUNG MUSIC SHOW" broadcasted in 1978 !
  15. Not only in Japan, DURAN DURAN made a huge success all over the world. I think that JOHN TAYLOR was the coolest man in the world at some point in early 80s.
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