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  1. Been to the Met so after not being on here for almost 3 years figured I'd share some pics. Folks there were ok with cellphone, but definitely objected to flash photos. I filmed the entire Jimmy video but can't post that up on here. If I ever load it up to youtube I'll post link, but I suspect most of you have already seen it anyways. If you're in town definitely worth the $25 bucks, unless you gots a library card. I'd love to have a talk with Perry about the BB as he says it's been restored. I'd like to know when and to what condition. For the life of me I can't see any evidence of there being 3 toggles on this. Unless it was covered up 45 years ago and then aged to the condition it's in now. Too bad they had the guitar mounted in a way so you couldn't see the back and any other tell tale signs of the extensive routing work Joe Jammer said he put in. I don't recall seeing that guitar with pickup covers since pre RAH, yet this one has well aged covers. The #1 is just something you need to see in person and just be in awe of it. The Dragon sadly has also been restored to the same condition as the one you can purchase at the Met store so also kinda hard to believe it's truly the original. I now question all the stories of it being ruined beyong playability and the neck being re-used in the Botswana brown tele. Anyways enjoy these. I got a gazzillion more but these are some of the coolest ones. I definitely plan on going back again before it all goes off to Cleveland. To be seen to be, but not being played.
  2. Thanks for sharing and making the effort that it gone done right. Kudos! Probably one of the very first silver boots I ever got, so very cool to listen to it as if it was a brand new show! It's almost weird to NOT have that break in TYG! Again thanks.
  3. Nech

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Yes, that's me. Imagine finding this on here after not logging in for years. neato
  4. Here's the site Frank mentioned before... Was a work in progress till everyone got sidetracked. I should update it with some of the pics from here.. http://www.oldbuckeye.com/Houses_of_the_Holy/
  5. Probably one of the best places to check out for info on the symbol.... http://www.inthelight.co.nz/ledzep/zososymbol.htm The book is also a good read.
  6. Actually, I asked JPJ that personally when I got to meet him after the DVD premiere in NYC. I told him how it had been in numberous discussions and his reply was that it just got put there at some point during the rehearsals/soundchecks and never moved. Just kinda became glued to the set. Then in his good humored way he added "I'm just glad it never rang during a number I wouldn't know what to do!" you can read that whole long winded encounter here: http://www.oldbuckeye.com/Nechs_NYC_Moment/
  7. I have also heard repeated rumors that the entire 3/28/00 Irving Plaza show was pro shot for future release but got scrapped. Supposedly now hoarded but have never been able to confirm either... would be nice to see as that was a killer show.
  8. Hunt was in the original cast and opening day was Sept 27, 1968...but as to when she actually joine dup with them.... ???
  9. Wikipedia is the knows all balls all...don't ya know? I won't even go into what is commonly used in lieu of Richard...
  10. Amen to that brother! Anyone wanna do a sigil from those btw ?
  11. Now is wolfman refering to the Bray Studio rehearsals or soundchecks to the Copenhagen warm ups ? According to Dave Lewis there was video shot of the Bray studio rehearsals. Wolf, were do you see it that Jason played TU specifically? ... my mind draws a sudden blank. D'oh! never mind...just fact checked myself and see now that you are referring to the sounchecks of Aud 2nd... thank you TBL guy!
  12. Well Jonesy's no stranger to scary Cool Diamanda Scary Diamanda!
  13. Geez, and here I thought Sam never makes comments about any such things! I wonder what their webmasters, publicity guys, record label (?) think of this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PtsaMokig0 The Devil will be Happy ?? What's that?!?! perhaps the title of the background song ? Hmmm, I guees that explains Jesse calling the music "scary" lifted from FBO
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